Posted by: monsonmadness | February 4, 2012

That was a MEAN trick!

I’ve been on my own with the kids all week. No big deal. They’ve been good, and I’ve been able to keep on top of my responsibilities at home, work and church. I decided that I would reward the kids by taking them to the beach and then to McDonald’s for dinner. (We don’t go very often, so it’s a real treat for my kids).

On the way to the beach, I stopped at the store to quickly buy some bottles, formula and newborn diapers to give to the birth Mom who is due any day now. (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The credit card machine at the store was down and luckily I had $40 cash for the $37 purchase. Happy with myself I got in the car and took the kids off to the beach for a nice swim.

A couple of hours later, I tell the kids it’s time to go and they all come straight away, THE FIRST TIME (miracle) and we get in the car. They were pretty hungry. They didn’t know about McDonald’s at this point, so can you imagine how happy they were when we pulled in? Got everyone unloaded, found a place to sit, got the high chair for Emma, put the older kids in charge of her, and took Mary inside with me (we eat outside at our MacDonald’s) to order the food.

Three trays of hot food later and I am unable to pay for it. Apparently the credit card machine was also down in McDonald’s, and none of my cards would work. I had used all my cash on the baby stuff. Can’t buy much at McDonald’s for $3. They said they would hold my food while I drove across the street to the ATM. Guess what? No ATM card!!!!! I’m getting a bit sick of this! I can’t remember leaving my bag somewhere where it could have been stolen again. I used my card last week to get cash (because I had filled up with gas and then their credit card machine wasn’t working, so I had to drive to the ATM, get cash, and drive back to the gas station to pay for it!). I know I couldn’t have left it at the machine because you just swipe the cards here, you don’t insert them into the machine. Where, oh where is my ATM card?

So…I can’t get any cash out from the bank, and I can’t use my credit card anywhere on the island right now 😦 You should have seen my kids’ faces when I came out and told them that we had to leave without our food. They really didn’t believe me. What a horrible mean trick to play on them. They had been so good, sitting so nicely while I ordered, they’d seen the food in front of me, and then I came out and packed them in the car and took them home with nothing to eat. Poor kids. I felt so bad for them.

Hurry home Michael so that we can use your ATM card to get some cash and take the kids back for their chicken nuggets!


  1. Oh wow! What a crazy and not to mention stressful day u just had! Hope u get those kids their nuggets haha
    And get a new card before the thieves use it!!!

  2. Ohhhh….that is so sad. I feel bad for all of you!

  3. That really stinks! Poor kids and poor you.

  4. =( Oh, man. Hope you find it or get your new one quickly!! Bummer for all.

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