Posted by: monsonmadness | February 9, 2012

Why I like going to work

There are a few reasons why I like going to work. This picture shows my # 1 reason…I get to see the ocean and feel energized and invigorated each day. I live on a low part of the island surrounded by trees, so if I stayed home, I would never see the ocean. It’s only from driving up the mountain to school each day that I get this amazing view. There’s something about the beauty of the earth that makes everything better. I feel like I am a more positive person when I am surrounded by beauty.

Then of course, there are these wonderful kids! I’m a little biased with half of them, but what other job could I have where I get to spend quality time teaching these precious children. I am very blessed. Aren’t they the cutest?

Of course I just changed jobs and so now I’m with the kindergarten kids, but to be honest, I am much happier doing this. The arrangement is perfect. I stay home with my little ones in the morning and we do our own home preschool, and then my little girls nap at the school while I teach some REALLY amazing children. I love it.

The last fun reason why I like going to work is that it gets me out of the house, and I get to see some really neat things. For example, I drive up a HUGE hill each day to get to the school, and when it rains, the road turns into a river. Check out the photo below, sorry it’s not too clear but the rain was coming down hard. It’s fun dodging floating coconuts heading right towards you!

If I drive up the road at just the right time when the local elementary school is finishing for the day, I love to watch the little Samoan kids taking off their slippers (flip flops) and racing them in glee down the river of water. They have no worries about the cars, they’re just having a great time enjoying the simple things of life. I’m grateful that I didn’t keep my family in our own little bubble this year and home school. I have learned a lot, and it has been a great learning opportunity for our family.


  1. “I am a more positive person when I am surrounded by beauty.” What? Isn’t being around me enough?
    Love, your husband

  2. Haa!! Michael’s comment is funny!! Those are awesome reasons to love your job. Those kids sure are cute!!

  3. Fun post! Driving through the river of water sounds treacherous, but I like the image of cute Samoan kids racing their slippers. I remember once when I was young it rained during a hot summer day. The rain was warm and my sisters and I ran and danced around in it in our swimsuits. It was the best! Love those simple joys in life.

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