Posted by: monsonmadness | February 10, 2012

Oh how I love to do taxes!

It’s true. Every year I look forward to Jan 31st because it means I have everything I need to complete my taxes. I love the satisfaction of doing it myself, and even more than that, I love the big fat refund check that we always get because we have so many dependents and have high deductions.

I always used to do my taxes by hand, but over the last few years I use a program on the computer. I figured multi-state, multi-job and adoption expenses were tricky enough to warrant the $13 it costs to do it online!

This year was much different. The American Samoans use the tax tables from the year 2000. Hilarious! They also do not pay federal taxes. Next year will be super easy (and we won’t really get much of a refund), but since we spent half the year in Utah and half the time here, we filed federal, Utah and American Samoa taxes, and because we live here in this dark age of a place, we are only allowed to paper file, so our refund is going to take 6 weeks to get here. Blah! It was much harder this time around with three different jobs, miscellaneous income that we hadn’t paid taxes on yet, as well as our rental income from our home.

I normally get my refund in February and then we enjoy spending! Seems like it’s the only time that you can buy something really big…a big chunk of “free”, unaccounted for money. Love it! In years past we have used our tax refund for a vinyl fence, landscaping, a new car, several trips to Europe, and then last year, we didn’t spend a single penny, we needed to use it for food and bills. Definitely not as much fun as spending, but we’ll make up for it this year! Want to know what we’re going to do with part of the refund this year?

Drumroll please…the reason I couldn’t go on a longer trip to Hawaii with my Mum was because we didn’t want Michael to use up any more of his vacation time because my amazing, fantastic mother has offered to babysit for us when she’s here so that Michael and I can go to New Zealand! Wahoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Yes, that’s right. I am a completely spoiled brat. I’ll be going to Hawaii for the weekend with her, followed by a week in New Zealand the week after that! Sorry to rub it in, but I am SOOOOOO excited!




  1. That is awesome!!! I am SOOOOO jealous!!!!!!

  2. smart girl!!! exactly where I would go … and in that order. Hawaii first then New Zealand!!! Of all of the islands, I’ve always wanted to go there! SO DREAMY!!! and sooooooo happy for you!! 4 more days!!! wahoo!!!

  3. That is soo cool!

  4. I totally hate you now! Though I suppose you probably deserve the break. x

  5. TOTALLY JEALOUS!! New Zealand is a land of beauty . . . would LOVE to visit there! Live it up while you’re close though!!

  6. You totally deserve it, Helen!

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