Posted by: monsonmadness | February 14, 2012

As close as we can come to our Valentine’s tradition

It’s supposed to look like this. It doesn’t because of the lack of resources here, but I came pretty darn close thanks to my amazing friend Nirmal.

My ex-neighbor and good friend from India knows that for the last 13 Valentine’s days (except for one when we were in Florida), Michael and I have eaten Indian food together on February 14th. It is a great tradition where we celebrate by eating our favorite food, followed by a movie. (What else can you do when you don’t have a babysitter?) We usually like to order take out from our favorite restaurant, but of course, things are different here.

My thoughtful friend remembered our tradition in advance, knew we would be stuck and went shopping for us. She bought several varieties of Indian packet mixes and mailed them to us as a gift. Isn’t she awesome? On all of the packets except for one, you are supposed to add yogurt and cream. Hmmm. Would be easy enough if they sold fresh dairy products on this island, but they don’t. I did buy some imported and very expensive cream once but it was sour. Tried four stores to try and get the cream and yogurt for these mixes. I found some half and half but only fruit yogurt! So, I did the best I could with what I have and “voila!” A delicious Indian meal on Valentine’s day. Tasted even better because it was sent to us in love.

Thank you Nirmal, the only thing that could be better would be the real thing with you! Can I make a reservation for Valentine’s day 2014 where we can double date to Taste of India with you? Is it a date?


  1. How neat. Jeff likes to go out for Indian food on his birthday. It’s the only time he gets to eat Indian food.

  2. That was so nice of her! I have only had Indian food once- with you in Mt Kisco. The guy kept asking us if we wanted refills on our sodas but didn’t mention he was charging us for each one!!

  3. That’s great! What a sweetie Nirmal is. =)

  4. Nirmal is awesome!

  5. Helen, thanks for your kind words, and seriously it was nothing compared to the friendship you’ve given me. And to all the lovely ladies who payed me compliments above, the credit goes to you guys and all the ladies in our wonderful neighborhood. I watch you all do so much for one another and feel blessed to be living among you guys.

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