Posted by: monsonmadness | February 15, 2012

Identity confusion

I look a little bit different living down here on the equator, but I don’t think I look as different as I have been mistaken for three times this week.

Usually I wear glasses, but my hair is always in a ponytail and I never wear make up (humidity issues). On three separate occasions this week, I have had some major issues with mistakes of who I am. It’s pretty funny really, none of them were serious, and I am glad I know who I am so that I don’t have to suffer from identity confusion.

First, I had to go and get a police clearance check for my job. I have to get one every six months to ensure that I haven’t committed any criminal activities while working with children. My police check came out all clear, but they ran my form by checking my ethnicity listed as a Polynesian instead of Caucasian. When I pointed that out to them, and joked that I may look like a Polynesian if I stayed here a little longer, no-one laughed. They didn’t even want to change it. I can safely say that I think I have the palest skin of every single person on this island. Far from Polynesian looking.

The second mistake occurred at the post office as I was taking the birth mother to get her passport. The birth mother is a 19 year old Samoan girl (ok, she’s a 1/4 caucasian, but still…she has dark skin). I was standing at the counter with her and her Samoan mother, who had come to vouch  for her daughter’s identity. The post office worker thought I was the mother! Are you kidding me? There was a 55 year old Samoan woman on one side of the 19 year old, and me on the other side, and she thought I was her mother? What the heck? She even asked me twice!

These two funny stories are topped off by my temple recommend interview with the Bishop tonight where he checked me off as a male instead of a female. Awesome. I am a 55 year old Polynesian male. Hope you recognize me when I get back.


  1. Hahaha…My new name for you is Ioane (John), my 55-year old Polynesian fellow 🙂

  2. Hi helen, i think you still look the same. What a week. hope you are all well. i have just had my second hip replacement last week. so still sore, but looking forward. tim and luke are gettkng married this year. take care.

  3. Haa Haaa!!! That is so funny!!!

  4. That’s pretty funny! =) You don’t look all that different to me either. And you don’t look old enough to have a 19 year old!

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