Posted by: monsonmadness | February 16, 2012

Pizza Hut field trip

Yeah, I might be the coolest teacher around. My kindergarten kids definitely think so.

We have been learning about bakers and baking, we read the Little Red Hen and learned the process and sequencing for making dough. We are learning halves and quarters in math, in preparation for teaching the time next week. So how do I find a fun field trip that relates to all of this? Easy…we make an appointment to visit the Pizza Hut on the island!

We toured the facilities and learned about hygiene. We got to walk into the big fridge which the kids thought was awesome, and learned about which foods need to stay cold. We watched a worker cut, measure and weigh the dough exactly, and we learned the sequencing that goes into making a pizza. We saw the timer on the oven which counts down until the pizza is cooked perfectly, and then we saw how they cut the pizza symmetrically into halves, then quarters, then eighths.

Then we sat down excitedly as the workers brought us jugs of soda, three medium pizzas, and four orders of cinnamon sticks FOR FREE. You are our guests, they told us. Best field trip ever.



  1. That’s my kind of field trip! Much better than a trip to the dumb zoo!!

    • Zoo sounds great to me right now. No animals to see on this island other than wild dogs, bugs, and sea creatures!

  2. Wow Helen, well done! What a great outing. Did I tell you, I am walking the 76 miles of the Kennet & Avon canal walk in April, with my friend Gilean. All bookings made, and I am really looking forward to it.

  3. Cool field trip! Robyn’s preschool class did a tour of Round Table. They thought it was really neat.

  4. That’s really fun!

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