Posted by: monsonmadness | February 22, 2012

Hmmm, shall I talk about the weather?

The last post that I wrote was read by over 1700 people in two days. I have no clue what to write about next. It’s not like I have amazing miracles happening to me every day you know. Now everything that I write about is going to seem so boring, so why not revert to the weather? Always a common conversation piece right?

Here’s something that I just recently realized…the weather widget on my blog homepage on the right hand side is not accurate. I’ve been confused about that for a long time because it seemed like the temperature was always lower than it really was. I decided to look into this in more detail last week when it was over 90 degrees and my widget was showing 75. When I went to wunderground to investigate, I dug around to realize that when I typed in American Samoa and my postcode, there is no weather station here, and so it was automatically rerouted to the weather station 2500 miles away in Hawaii. Now I realize that Hawaii has a very nice climate, but we are on the equator, and not only is it much hotter, but it is a lot more humid as well.

After some fiddling, I was able to change the widget to Apia, which is in Western Samoa, only 130 miles west of us. Why on earth didn’t wunderground pick up that weather station in the first place? Oh well, it is now accurate, although there is no humidity on the widget. Let’s just say that when we finally resort to turning on the AC here because we can’t breathe and it’s over 90 degrees in the house, we don’t care about how much it costs, and when that trickle of sweat runs down your back and soaks the clothes that you just put on, IT’S ALWAYS HOT.

Oh well, sweating away the pounds makes it so that I don’t have to exercise very much. Now that’s looking on the bright side.



  1. Ha!! That is looking on the bright side!

  2. Helen, I’m one of your 1700… When I first bookmarked your page it ended up on the toolbar, right in the middle, where I see it every day (if only I had done the same with my scriptures!). You bring a fascinating and inspirational insight to everything you comment on, and yesterday was a joy to read. My 6 children are older (aged 11 to 26, all still at home) but I’m reminded by you of the constant delights and exhaustion that go with a young family! Thank you for sharing your experiences, you light up the winter days (no, I don’t fancy the heat you’re enjoying!) and as you see lessons in everyday life you teach us all. The photos are amazing too! Thank you x

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