Posted by: monsonmadness | February 26, 2012

Sunrise, burned child, and a collapsing roof

Here are a few random photos.

This is the beautiful sunrise outside our bedroom window. A big thank you to the feral dogs for their daily barking and howling concerts, which allow us to wake up early enough and not miss out on this spectacular sight.

The other day, Dad let Mary and Emma watch him making French toast in the kitchen.

Dad is a monotasker.

Dad was concentrating on the French toast. He wasn’t concentrating on two little girls getting too close to the griddle until it was too late. Poor little Emma was badly burned. This photo shows the burn days after the blister had popped and was starting to heal. It is so humid here that everything is moist and it can’t heal when it’s covered, but it is at risk for infection when left open, so we bandaged her by day, and left it open at night. Grateful again for our suitcase full of medical supplies that we brought with us. We had everything we needed.

This poor dog is trying to sleep outside the busy grocery store. Dogs like this are everywhere. I don’t always feel sorry for them though. Twice this week dogs have tried to attack my children barking and chasing them, it’s scary.

I love this photo of Daniel. We have house guests right now, so our guests have one bedroom, we have the three girls in one room, and the three boys in another. Putting the boys to bed together is not a recipe for success, so Daniel falls asleep on our bed each night and then we carry him in to the boys room when we go to bed. This is how we found him the other day, sleeping like a star with his red superhero cape wrapped around him. He’s so cute.

The ceiling in our bathroom is in a sorry state. A few months ago, the leak looked like this, and started to mold.

We cleaned it up, and now it looks like this…

The plaster has cracked and pieces are starting to fall down. We have shown the landlord but he doesn’t really care. It’s spreading, and I am scared not of water pouring into my bathroom, but of all the critters that could come in if there was a big hole in the roof. Place your guesses for how long our roof will last…



  1. Monotasker is my new favorite word. That totally cracked me up. I’m sorry poor Emma got burned though. Hope it continues to heal well.

  2. Poor little Emma…I feel so sorry for her. Hopefully no infection yet? My bet about the roof is that you will come up with an ingenius idea to make it last before the roof ever has chance to implode.

  3. That is so sad about Emma! Scotty burned his fingers on an iron at grandma’s house when he was 2 and that was so hard. Glad to hear that it is healing well. The sunrise picture is gorgeous!!

  4. Poor Emma. I hope the burn is healing nicely. Your bathroom ceiling reminds me of our bathroom ceiling in our first apartment just after getting married. It became so warped we could have a conversation in the bathroom with the people living above us. LOL

  5. OUCH! That looks bad. Poor sweetie. Hope it heals up quickly! I also like the monotasker word! Love the sunset (way to look at the bright side of the dogs waking call). Good luck with the roof. I cringed at the mention of possible critters entering when the roof collapsed. I bet 7 months (if you don’t figures something out first).

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