Posted by: monsonmadness | February 27, 2012

Broad shoulders what?

My friend Addie and I went to get measured this week at a local sewing shop for traditional Samoan clothes. They are really inexpensive here, you buy your own fabric (also super cheap) and then they make it for you in a couple of days. Addie and I are both small people. I would say that she is probably one size up from me, so when I was getting measured and my shoulder measurement was longer than hers, I verified with the seamstress that she had got it correct. She had, and I discovered something new about myself. I have broad shoulders.

This may seem like a really weird post, but it is even more weird finding out something new about yourself for the first time in thirty four years, especially when it wasn’t news to anyone else. When I came home and told Michael, he said, “yes, you’ve got broad shoulders, I’ve always known that”. I WAS IN SHOCK. Addie thinks this is a ridiculous story and that I’m being silly, but I’m not sure she or Michael understand where I’m coming from.

I don’t give two hoots about the width of my shoulders, I care that I DIDN’T KNOW that I had wide shoulders and that no-one has ever said that to me my whole life, when apparently it’s common knowledge. When I asked Michael this, he said that it wasn’t the kind of thing that you mention to someone. What????? I just don’t get it. I mean, there are lots of really weird things about me…I bleed a lot, my teeth are wonky, one of my ear lobes is longer than the other, and I’ve got bacon strip toes to die for, but I knew all of this. It’s very strange finding something out about the way you look that you didn’t know before.

Now it all makes sense, there have been times when a shirt that I thought should be the right size has been too tight and I just thought it was my maternity or post baby chest size making a difference. Maybe not! Maybe it was just my broad shoulders filling in all the space! What about my piggy back ride capacity? I can easily carry two or three children around on my back. Not a problem. And I bang into things all the time. Maybe the reflection that I see in the mirror isn’t reality. I think I can fit through a door frame and then crash, my shoulder is bumping in to it.

I mean, what’s next? Is someone going to tell me I’m growing a tail or something? That they love the black streak of hair growing out of the back of my head? I really thought I knew myself…


  1. You are so funny. Really, you are. That was a lovely beginning of my day (especially after being up at night with a fevered child). And Helen, I have never noticed that you have broad shoulders. I know I haven’t seen you in forever, but be consoled that it’s something that I never noticed. 🙂

  2. Ha ha! You are funny! I feel that I know you pretty well and I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that you have broad shoulders! I’m going to have to take a good long look at you when you get back!! The toes on the other hand, I for sure have noticed them!!! I understand where you’re coming from though- it would be weird to discover something about yourself that everyone else thinks is common knowledge.

  3. Don’t feel bad. It turns out that I have a big chest. Who knew?

  4. That’s not how I would have described you . . . Matthew either (I had to ask him). =)

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