Posted by: monsonmadness | February 29, 2012

Health care issues

Yesterday after school, Daniel came home with these huge hives/welts all over his body. We couldn’t figure it out. He ate exactly the same food as everyone else (and nothing new). It looked like some kind of allergic reaction, so with a good dose of Benadryl and a lavender oil massage from Addie, he was quickly on his way to recovery. Poor boy.

The day before that, I had taken Emma into the clinic to get her last well baby shot. I didn’t exactly know what to expect. I had to go in and register previously, and I was given a 4pm appointment for this day. I showed up at 3.55pm, and discovered that all 6 people in the waiting room had the same 4pm appointment as I did, and that it was first come first served for all of us. Awesome.
When it was finally our turn, we went into a small room where there were two nurses and a picnic cooler with the vacinnes in it. Double awesome.

They injected the other little girl in the room right there in front of us, and she was hysterical. Didn’t help that her Mom had told her she could have MacDonald’s if she didn’t cry, but no MacDonald’s if she cried. Why do parents do that? Poor kid? Crying from both the pain of the shot and from knowing she wasn’t going to get MacDonald’s. Emma’s eyes were big and round wondering what on earth was going on. Not a good thing for a child to see what is going to happen to them next. The nurse told me that Emma would get two shots today. I said, “No, she only needs one, the Hep A shot.”

The nurse said, “We’re giving her a flu shot today as well.”

I said, “No thank you, just the Hep A.”

The nurse stared at me like I had just punched my child in the face. “She needs the flu shot”, she said again.

“No thank you” I repeated. “I only give permission for the Hep A”

More staring. A long pause. “The baby needs a flu shot.”

“No, she’s just getting the Hep A shot. Thank you. Where shall I sign?”

The nurse threw the document in front of me, I signed it, pinned Emma down tight, sang her her favorite songs, and the nurse gave her the shot. Emma didn’t cry. The nurse pulled out the needle and started pressing on the injection site. Emma screamed. The nurse kept pressing for about five minutes. I continued to sing to Emma with Emma screaming to me, “All done, all done, go home”. I told her that we would just get a band aid and then we’d go home. The nurse looked at me with a questioning look and said, “We don’t have any band aids”.

Of course they don’t. Why would they? A pediatric immunization clinic, why on earth would I assume they had band aids? Good job I always carry some with me in my bag. I pulled one out,  smugly put it on my child in front of the nurse, kissed my baby, thanked the nurse, and walked off. Phew.

Last story:

Daniel has been complaining that he cant’ see the TV for a while now. With two parents who wear glasses, and a brother who got his at about the same age, we figured we’d take him for an eye test. Turns out that the “optician” accepts insurance from one company on the island, the one that Michael works for, so although eye exams and glasses are expensive for everyone else, it would be free for us. Good news.

After only a few minutes of being there, I realized that the “optician” knew she was going to get paid by the insurance and was determined to give Daniel glasses whether he needed them or not! She was much too occupied oohing and aahing over baby Malia than she was figuring out what was going on with Daniel’s eyes.

He could read every letter on the chart, but she said that he squinted on the last two lines, so needed glasses. She put this contraption on his face and asked him, “Is it clearer now or not?”  It was not an effective test and he didn’t understand what she was asking him. Bottom line, she prescribed him a very low prescription and said that he only needs to wear his glasses to watch TV. There was a whopping three pairs of atrocious glasses to choose from, so I just shrugged and let Daniel pick his favorite. He’s pretty excited. Guess we’ll just wait for a real eye exam when we’re back in the real world…



  1. I took Adam this week for his preschool booster immunisation. There was no pressing on the injection site- I think that was revenge for not having the flu jab!

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