Posted by: monsonmadness | March 7, 2012

If you don’t like me, don’t read this post.

Because if you do, you’ll end up hating me! Remember when I shared the exciting news about my little getaway to Hawaii with my Mum? Do you also remember what we were going to do with our tax refund?

Well, there’s been a bit of a change of plan. Don’t worry, it’s for the better.

A few months ago, Michael and six other attorneys on the island started the first ever chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society in American Samoa. At their first meeting, Michael was elected to be the chapter chair. He was able to arrange to get the annual fireside from Utah broadcast at our church building here, and they were all thrilled when their brand new little chapter in American Samoa was mentioned on the broadcast as an example of how the society is spreading throughout the world to the isles of the sea! They all gave a small cheer!

A couple of weeks ago, Michael was asked to participate on a panel with speakers from China, the Philippines, and the Soviet Bloc at the 2012 J.Reuben Clark Law Society Asia Pacific Conference in Hamilton, New Zealand in June.

My Mum has already booked her flights, and the conference is a couple of weeks before that, so we couldn’t make that work for her to babysit for us. Michael really wanted to participate in this conference so we started to brainstorm as to how we could make this work. Going to New Zealand twice in one month seems a little extreme. Usually flights to New Zealand from here are about $800, but on an internet search, we found an airline (with only three tickets left) at the cheap price of only $374. We snatched them up quickly. Yes, you read that right, WE snatched them up. I wasn’t about to miss out on this one!

We are going to pay a friend to watch our kids so that Michael and I can go to New Zealand for this conference. We will have about 3 days to explore the North Island while we are there. The kids will still be in school, and I have friends helping out as well.

Two weeks later, I will be flying to Hawaii for the weekend to meet my Mum.

Two weeks after that, Michael and I were going to take our trip to New Zealand, but instead, we’ve decided to go to beautiful Fiji for a few days instead where they also have a temple.

Can’t believe we’ll get three trips to three amazing places IN ONE MONTH. Life is going to seem so dull and boring after all of this. But for now, let the excitement and planning begin.

I told you you’d hate me by the end of the post.



  1. Helen,
    You do so many good things for so many people… deserve it!! Enjoy!:)

  2. No one is more deserving!! And I am totally jealous! I love that you get some reward for all you are doing in American Samoa — enjoy enjoy ENJOY the vacations!!!

  3. I love you even more after reading this because I can read between the lines and sense your joy. I am so grateful for joy and the tender mercies we receive from our loving Heavenly Father.

  4. So excited for you. i am glad you are getting to see lots of different places in that part of the world while you are there!

  5. I am not surprised- you are the queen of vacations!! I am jealous, but also very happy for you!

  6. Absolutely! You need to make the most of these opportunities while you can and you guys more than deserve it. We found living in Australia quite difficult but the holidays we had while we were there made it a lot easier and the memories will last a lifetime. Don’t forget travel broadens the mind and you can pass all the knowledge on to the kids xx

  7. If anyone deserves it…it’s you! My aunt is Maori and lived in NZ until she went to BYU at age 20, met my uncle and still has loads of family there. It is a beautiful, wonderful culture and so excited you get to go!

  8. Good for you! You will love it! I think that’s what Paul & I miss the most about living overseas. The opportunities to travel. I’m glad to see that you are making the most of the opportunies you have while living in Samoa. You’ll never look at things the same again. 🙂

    Much love,

  9. I couldn’t be more pleased for you both. What a great experience.
    Thanks also for sharing the adoption details. What an emotional roller-coaster. Love reading your blogs.

  10. Jeleous? Yes. Hate you? NO! I’m excited for you. . . and you do deserve it! Have fun!

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