Posted by: monsonmadness | March 10, 2012

Hubbies birthday

Today is Michael’s birthday. 35 is a big birthday. We’ve been trying to deny the fact that we’re middle aged, but I think we really must be by now. How did that happen? I mean, that’s half way to 70 for crying out loud! 40 is going to be so weird, I remember my Mum’s 40th so well. Oh well, it’s easy to ramble when you’re getting older…

Back to Michael. He has been trying on a lot of new hats lately, and taken on lots of different roles. Some he has been doing for a while, and others are brand new.

He continues to work hard as an attorney, he likes to exercise. He has written his first novel, he is an artist, and he is starting to dabble with politics.

Here are some of the other hats that Michael wears…

He continues to love making us all yummy breakfasts at the weekend. The kids can never agree on whether they want chocolate chip pancakes or French toast, but Michael is happy to oblige. Here he is looking handsome as ever in his chefs hat…

Michael bought this FBI hat on his recent trip to Washington DC and he loves it! I like it on him because he wears it when he’s being casual at the weekends, and for us that means wrestling with lots of kids, trying to be a good Dad. I love this photo because he’s looking good and he’s still balancing sweet Emma on his lap…

This one is Michael’s favorite hat. It’s a surf hat that I got him for Christmas and he LOVES it for the beach.  Michael and I had gone exploring, looking at the fish and caves, and Michael decided to dive onto some coral. Jason and Addie watched him do it too. I guess he thought it was farther away than he thought (???). Anyway, coral can be sharp and sure enough he cut his elbow and it started to bleed a little bit. Michael deals with pain and injuries a little differently than I do, and instead of a kind compassionate comment from his wife, he got something more like, “Why did you just dive on the coral? Didn’t you see it? Oh, it’s just a small cut, let’s keep going…” or something to that effect.

What I love in this photo is his expression and what he’s NOT saying out loud. Michael wanted to spend more time taking care of his wound, and did this face while I was mocking him and taking the photo. This is his “I’m going to smile while you are rude to me” face. I’ll learn compassion one day I promise…

Another great photo. Michael’s cowboy hat is my least favorite of all his hats, but he loves it and it keeps the sun off his face so oh well. We went to the beach last Saturday and the kids really wanted to take their boogie boards. Well, the tide was out and there were no waves at all, so Michael spent over an hour pulling the kids around on their boogie boards in the flat tide pool. What a great Dad.

There is no hat in this picture, but I thought it was really cute so I included it anyway. Michael’s new “hat” is being a member of the Bishopric in our church. This means that every three weeks, he rotates with Bishop and the other counselor to conduct our church service meetings. He sits up on the stand, and Benjamin drew this great picture of his Dad at the pulpit. Michael really loves serving voluntarily in this calling and is having some great experiences.

And just to prove that we’re not THAT old, here is a photo of us when we were dating. This photo was at some kind of bad taste talent show, and yes, that is a wig, not my real hair, and yes, I have something stuffed up my shirt (I can’t remember why!). He still wears this hat, it’s his favorite one. See, young at heart…


PS. Ok… you thought you were done reading but I have to add a ps to this post.

Here is a photo of Michael this morning as we sung Happy Birthday to him. Michael does not have a sweet tooth and doesn’t like desserts (how did the two of us ever get together you’re probably thinking!) His favorite food is homemade wheat bread with homemade raspberry jam, so that’s what I set off to make. It was not an easy task. I had brought some of the ingredients with me when we came like the vital wheat gluten for the bread and the pectin for the jam. Wheat flour is hard to find here, but I was able to manage it. The hardest ingredients to find were the light corn syrup and the frozen raspberries. I had bought a bag of frozen raspberries once before on this island so I knew it was possible, but when I went out this week to find some more, I was out of luck. Nine stores later and there were none to be found. Friends suggested that I make another kind of fruit jam for the birthday boy, but they don’t understand that Michael DOESN’T EAT FRUIT. That the only jam he’ll eat is this homemade raspberry jam. He’s never even eaten a strawberry before.

Well after driving around for hours, with no options left, I was resigned to buying a bag of frozen strawberries and then I came home and committed an act of crime. I mixed the leftover frozen raspberries that I had with the frozen strawberries that I bought and made the jam. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. This morning, Michael was over the moon with his gifts and couldn’t believe it when he saw the homemade bread and jam. He said, “I thought I wouldn’t get this delicious food for another two years”. I held my breath as he tasted the first slice, and smirked to myself as he downed 4 more slices after that. He thinks I’m the best wife ever. Yep! It was hard work pulling this one off.

Would you mind keeping this a secret? If he finds out, he’s going to pull the surfing hat grin on me and I might be in trouble…


  1. Happy Birthday to Michael! Fun post! And too funny about the jam!!!

  2. love reading about the effort involved and the adjustment needed in the end ….maybe michael will be open to trying new things … like strawberries … or mangoes .. okay did I go a little too far for this one apple a day man???

    Happy Bday!!!!

  3. Love the birthday, cake! It really does look delicious. Your secret is safe with me!

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