Posted by: monsonmadness | March 11, 2012

What time is it?

This is a question that my autistic son asks constantly throughout the day. “Why not buy him a watch?” you may ask. Simple answer…been there, done that, eleven or twelve broken watches later, and we are ALWAYS relieved when the watch breaks. The only thing worse that hearing “What time is it?” over and over again, is being told, “Mom, it’s 5.22pm, it’s time for….” or “Dad, we can’t leave. It’s only 7.13am, we’re supposed to leave at 7.15am” Do you get the picture?

Now try to picture what happens when we travel…While we’re on the trip it sounds something like this…”Here in Wales is it 4:00pm. Back in Utah it is 9am. In Chicago it is 11:00am”. Don’t forget when we travel back, we hear it in reverse, “Mom, what time is it for Nanna right now?”, “Mom, It’s 6:00pm for Nanna now, she’s eating dinner right?” etc etc.

Then came the move to American Samoa and a new time zone. LOVE that the time difference between here and my family is exactly 12 hours. That makes it easy. 5 hours difference to Utah, we can handle that.

Oh no, a time change last fall and we’ve now got an 11 hour time difference to the UK (and it’s taken me 6 months to get it right between whether it’s one hour in front or behind us, makes Skyping on birthdays very stressful) and only a 4 hour time difference to Utah.

I was excited to get back to the 12 hour time difference with my family, but I forgot how confusing the time change in the spring really is. American Samoa stays on standard time all year round, so we never have to worry about changing our clocks. The weird thing is that although the US and the UK both change their clocks at the same time in the fall, they do it on different weeks in the spring. The US changed their clocks forward last night, but in the UK, they don’t change until the last Sunday in March. Since we were trying to set up Skyping for Michael’s birthday with both families, this was very tricky to arrange as you can imagine.

Oh well, guess it keeps our minds alert and working right?

So what time is it now? Time for waking up those sweet little kids from their naps and giving them a snuggle. Time to watch the older kids who have been practicing for their family home evening presentation tonight. Time to relax and enjoy the family. That’s the best time of the day, no matter what time zone you live in.


  1. Yikes! That’s very confusing…Good Luck!

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