Posted by: monsonmadness | March 13, 2012

Adoption slideshow for the mothers

Time for a short blog post right?!?!

I made a slideshow of baby Malia for the birth mother and the adoptive mother. It’s too big to put on wordpress, but you can view it here on you tube: Malia slideshow

Here are the links to the two adoption posts that I wrote if you haven’t read them yet:

Have you ever been a part of a miracle?

A full heart, a broken heart


  1. Beautiful, Helen. Thank you.

  2. That was very moving. And that baby is adorable!!

  3. She is beautiful! The video made me teary-eyed.

  4. What a great slideshow. What an amazing experience that you got to be apart of that you will always remember. Birth mom’s are so strong and selfless to give their child a better life. That airport must have been the hardest thing ever for her. I didn’t realize she had spent so much time with the baby before the adoptive mom left the island. That baby is so adorable.

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