Posted by: monsonmadness | March 17, 2012

Spring Break

We just finished our Spring break, and since it rained so much, we were pretty limited in what we got to do. Can you believe we didn’t even get to go swimming at the beach this week? Crazy…

Monday: Chores and jobs at home. Working on lessons plans for next week, and some teacher training for Primary. An afternoon trip to the OMV track. One of  a handful of things to do on this island! The OMV track is a tarmacked track that people go to for exercise. It is not round, cars drive over it, and the weeds and tall grasses are not conducive to any serious training, but they certainly excite the kids! Doing anything outside when it’s 86 degrees is a little ridiculous, but walking on a black surface pushing a double stroller? Suicide! At least the kids had fun.

Tuesday: Met some friends at Lions Park for lunch. Amazed at how trashy and full of garbage it was. (Note to self, future family service project). Raining on and off so didn’t stay very long, but the kids had fun playing with their friends who they haven’t seen for a while, and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with my friend, getting some home school tips!

Tuesday night = a joke. The American Samoa Republican Caucus.

Hightlight? Feeling proud singing the American Samoa national anthem in Samoan with my children while all the other palagis stood with their mouths closed, not knowing the words.

Lowlight? Turning up to a meeting and trying to keep all of our children quiet and well behaved, thinking that we and all of the other people who showed up would actually have a voice and be there for a purpose. Not so. It was not a democratic process at all. Delegates had already been decided beforehand. TRADITION. In Samoan, you always do what you’ve always done. Nothing changes. There are power struggles and abuses of power everywhere you look.

Felt frustrated, so took the kids out for ice cream afterwards while Michael went to his church meetings. Did you know that chickens really like to eat ice cream? It was news to me…

Wednesday: Went to a friend’s house in the morning for a school meeting/play date. Nice break away from the house. Kids had lots of fun.

In the afternoon, enjoyed watching Matthew doing circle time with the girls. Funny part was when Matthew wanted to teach Mary and Emma some Samoan but they had listened long enough and were no longer interested.

Matthew:  “Mary, come and sit down for Samoan.”

Mary: “No I don’t want to.”

Matthew: “Mary, come and sit down. I really want to teach you some Samoan.”

Mary: “No. I don’t want to.”

Matthew: “I want to teach someone Samoan.”

Mary: “Teach yourself Samoan”…and walked out of the room. (She’s three!)

After a while it was too hot to breathe. We ventured out to Turtle and Shark beach to watch the blowholes for a little while. Kids got burned after 10 minutes so we called it good.

Thursday: Ran some errands, snack at the park. Library time, stories, songs, and crafts. Kids had a great time. I was told by the librarian that this wasn’t a program for palagis to come and socialize, but was designed for Samoan women who don’t usually read to their children. Hmmm. Ok. Am I not allowed to come to the library then? What if I want to check out a book that a Samoan person wanted that day? It’s a real shame because my kids really enjoyed it.

We finished at lunch time so I decided to take the kids to the famous DDW cafe (Don’t drink the Water). It’s listed on the American Samoa tourist guide as one of the top 20 places to go to in American Samoa. Had an expensive breakfast meal which was a really nice change from the fast food which is our main alternative. This cafe had a view TO DIE FOR. I made sure the kids took a good look around and I told them that they would probably never again eat a meal in such a beautiful location as this in their lives. It was gorgeous.

Thursday evening was a stake ball to celebrate the Relief Society’s 170th birthday. Hannah was green with envy that I got to wear a dress and go to a “ball” with Dad. She was almost crying she wanted to go so badly. Kids got to watch Rio at home with the babysitter while Michael and I went to the ball. Some great dancing and singing performances, not much conversation because of the six huge amplifiers drowning everything else out, a little dancing, some food, a few giggles at Michael trying to join in the electric slide, a tower of water bottles when we were bored, not understanding the Samoan speeches, and then back home for the night.

Friday: It rained the whole entire day without stopping. We made a craft together in the morning, then the kids played outside in the pouring rain with our neighbors. Lots of laundry.

Here are a bunch of photos from the week. Back to “real life” on Monday.


  1. Sounds like a fun and busy spring break!! Our is the first week of April and I CAN’T WAIT!!

  2. Unfortunately Jeff’s school district is an entirely different week than the girls’ spring break. The one good thing is it does overlap one day — Good Friday. So we are heading down to Yosemite for a couple days. The girls and I have never been, so I’m excited about the trip.

  3. Helen,
    looks like you are staying very busy, like always. I’m impressed with all the cookies you guys sold. And I am excited about your homeschooling plan. I wish I had the guts. love you

  4. So busy you are!

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