Posted by: monsonmadness | March 19, 2012

Mary’s hair

I recently wrote about Mary’s hair loss here. A relatively simple trip to the hospital, lots of blood work and some scalp samples, and we have some answers…fungal infection.

This is actually a great diagnosis because it’s treatable.

When we researched this on the internet, we ruled out a fungal infection because she didn’t have ringworm and none of the images we saw online looked anything like what Mary looks like. In fact, when we took her in, both the nurse practitioner and the doctor ruled out a fungal infection just from the clinical observation, but the lab work showed otherwise. The CDC and the thyroid tests came back normal, but the fungal test came back positive. Our nurse practitioner friend had initially suggested a fungal infection from the climate or from contact with dogs, and since she doesn’t go ANYWHERE near dogs, I guess we can attribute this to the climate.

We did read online (and the doctor reiterated) that Mary’s immune system may have been compromised by the traumatic event of moving down here, and that could also be a cause of why this happened. Sad.

Anyway, she needs to take Griseofulvin for at least two months, and her hair is not expected to grow back for at least 6-12 months. They don’t sell gummy vitamins down here and we ran out of the ones we brought down here. Mary spits out the hard ones, so probably isn’t getting all of the nutrients that she needs.

If you’re really interested, read on, if not, check out the cute photos of Mary with her “new haircut”. It was the best we could do combing over with what we had!

“When fungi infect parts of the body such as the scalp they cause hair loss. The reason why fungi cause hair loss is that they enter into the skin and establish themselves onto the walls of hair follicles. They then start to produce some toxins which will kill the hair follicle and stop it from producing any hair whilst hair that is already present falls out. Fungi are competitive cellular organisms which when they find a niche they secrete substances which kill other cells in their surroundings, so that they do not compete with them for nutrients and energy. In the case of hair the victims will be the hair follicle cells. This is the link between fungal infection and hair loss.”

“A change of diet will be very important. This is so, for a good diet will make sure that you get all the necessary and essential nutrients which will boost the function of your immune system. Having your immune system in tune will ensure that you will not get any further infections from the same fungi species. A good diet will also promote healthy growth of hair. When your immune system is strong, your hair will be strong also, and you can forget about fungal infections shedding your hair.”


  1. I hope her hair grows back soon. She looks pretty though, bald or with hair 🙂

  2. Her hair does look good. Thin sure, but it looks nice. Glad you were able to get a diagnoses.

  3. Do you need me to mail you some Gummy Vitamins? ;o) Mail me with your address and I’ll get them to you asap.

    • You are so nice…and so are my other friends! I’ve had three people offer to get me the gummies and mail them! I’ve taken one of them up on the offer, but thank you so much for being willing to help. I really appreciate that 🙂

  4. love the haircut … soooo cute!! give her a big squeeze from me!! and the tea tree oil rubbed on her scalp will help too. 🙂 lots of love!!!

  5. Oh, I’m so glad for the diagnosis. Treatable. Good! She looks so sweet. What an angel. Good luck with the vitamins!

  6. We love and miss Mary! Sophia was just mentioning the other day that Mary was coming back soon. I tried to explain how ‘soon’ may not mean what she thinks it means. Both of my children look forward to seeing and playing with the Monsons again.

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