Posted by: monsonmadness | March 23, 2012


My husband Michael is an artist. He loves to paint, draw, sculpt, build, sew, you name it. Occasionally I call him Michelangelo for a nickname, and I think he really likes the compliment.

Yesterday at school, we had a special guest come in who was an art major. He was visiting someone on the island and found our school interesting so offered to come in and teach an art class to the students. I gathered my kindergarten class into the first and second grade classroom and we sat and listened as he showed us some famous pieces of art and some interesting techniques on his laptop.

You can’t see it very well in the photo, but at one point he was describing Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, and how it was inspired by David from the Bible. The kids were staring at the photo (it is a nude after all, and they are only 5-8 years old, but his private parts were blocked out don’t worry) and they were mumbling to each other. I overheard some of them say, “Is that Hannah’s Dad?” “That looks like Hannah’s Dad”.

I was so confused. Why would a nude sculpture remind them of my husband? Many of the kids at school go to the same church as we do, so they’ve seen Michael many times, but only in a suit with a shirt and tie. Some of them have seen us at the beach, but because of the sun, we always wear shorts and  rash guards over our swimsuits.

The comments got louder, “That looks like Hannah’s Dad”. Was it the name that was the connection? Was it because the guest speaker had said Michelangelo and maybe the kids knew that Hannah’s dad was called Michael? Probably sounds very similar to the Samoan speaking children. I was confused and to be honest, getting a little concerned.

After several minutes of wondering, I finally figured it out. They weren’t comparing Michael to the sculpture, simply to the guest speaker. They saw a white person with a shaved head, and so they assumed it must be Hannah’s dad. The fact that this conversation happened while they were supposed to be looking at a nude Michelangelo sculpture is just an ironic coincidence!

Ha! I thought that was quite funny. I guess it shouldn’t have shocked me so much though. I mean, Michael does look a lot like the sculpture don’t you think?



  1. Cute post! I love your humor! Yes, you have a very handsome hubby! It’s really great that you share your adventures with us. Thanks for sharing Helen!

  2. I think Michael has a long lost twin; before I read the whole post I thought it was Michael who was the guest artist. It’s almost uncanny!

  3. We had that happen to Annalise when we lived in Vallejo. There was one other blonde haired girl in the second grade. They looked nothing alike except they had the same color hair. Kids would mix them up all the time or ask if they were sisters.

  4. Haaaa!!!!! So funny! But that guy does look like Michael!

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