Posted by: monsonmadness | April 1, 2012


As you’ve already read, I will be home-schooling my kids soon. Lots of people have been asking about it, and we will be starting in June after they finish their current school year. Since the weather here is like summer all year long, we don’t need to take a summer break in June/July, so we’ll just take our vacation time when our family comes to visit.

We need help in coming up with a name for our school. It’s good to have an “identity” and we’ve been suggesting things together but we can’t agree. Do you have any good names that you can suggest for us, or which of the ones below do you like?

Monson Academy

Island learning

Tropical fun school

Pacific principles

Equator academics

Little coconuts home school


  1. Fun!! I like Equator Academics and Little Coconuts Home School. Good luck choosing!!!

  2. HOME School


    Sorry if it’s a little cheesy but I felt an acronym was appropriate.

  3. Wild Dogs Academy

  4. Ha! I changed my mind- I like Cynthia’s Wild Dogs Academy!!

  5. Wild Dogs Academy does have a certain ring to it! =) I’m also liking Little Coconuts.

  6. I thought of a couple more ideas . . . How about Somoan Smarties Academy or Papaya School of Pupils.

  7. Monson Academy

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