Posted by: monsonmadness | April 3, 2012

Golf date

Beautiful huh? I have been wanting to play at the golf course ever since we moved here. Who wouldn’t want to play in such beautiful surroundings? My husband has needed some convincing though. He’s not really interested in golf these days. We play once every couple of years, so we were due a game! My Dad is a big golfer and Michael’s family all play so I felt like we owed it to the family to give it a try. When I finally got him committed, we had a really fun time…fun because we didn’t take it seriously at all.

We live close to the course, and drive by it daily (remember when I got hit on the windshield by a flying golf ball?) But, if you want to play a serious game of golf, this is not the course for you. In the months that we’ve been here, we have laughed at the four or five carts overflowing with people who drive around together playing in groups of 10 or 20 instead of foursomes! It’s also hard to play seriously when it’s 88 degrees and 90% humidity. Anyway…

We don’t have any clubs here with us, but luckily the “clubhouse” rents them out for only $10. They snickered when I asked if they had women’s clubs, so Michael and I just shared and I had to adjust to long clubs. Green fees for 9 holes are only $6 (or $8, depending on who’s behind the desk on any particular day). The best part about golfing though is the carts, and they were cheap too. Cheap because the brakes don’t work, so you’ve got to be really careful about where you leave it!

There were 10 balls in our bag when we started the game. By the third hole, we only had three left. That’s not a good way to start, but check out the beautiful red hibiscus bush…not a bad place to lose a ball huh?

The midges were thick in the air. We soon realized why we were the only people in carts that day. As soon as we would drive, the little flies would be in our eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and down my chest! So gross, but you had to giggle.

The grass is so long in places that it’s easy to lose your golf  balls, even in the fairway. On one shot, Michael and I hit our best drives of the day from the tee right into the middle of the fairway. We could see where they landed but could we find our balls when we drove down to get them? No way. Disappeared (or carried off by one of the dogs on the course, we’re not sure) Also, don’t play golf when school gets out because all the school kids take short cuts and walk across the course. Not only might you hit them in the head, but they’re also likely to pick up your ball and go running. Oh, and my new rule; if you hit a rooster with a putt, it’s an automatic par!

Can you believe the gorgeous rainbow over the last hole with the ocean behind? What an uplifting experience. We felt like great golfers. Such a fun date.



  1. Your rule is awesome! I’m assuming you did that?? Beautiful scenery.

  2. Love the rainbow. I am still laughing about the “rule”, the dogs and the golf carts. Wait ’til I tell Shane. He’s my golf champ you know.

    🙂 So fun to read your blog.

    Love, Sharon

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