Posted by: monsonmadness | April 5, 2012

No stealing carrots

My little girls are hilarious. They crack me up all the time. We have so much fun with them these days. They have the best personalities (most of the time). Here’s the story behind the title of this post. Mary doesn’t like going to bed, and she’ll do anything to procrastinate, including her favorite, stealing carrots from the fridge and taking them into her room. Not a good idea when you have ant and bug problems in the middle of a tropical rain forest. Anyway, our kids have heard the phrase “no stealing carrots” so many times over the last few months, that it’s become a really common phrase in our house.

Each morning we have a 15 minute devotional with our children before school. We sing songs, read scriptures, and have a little lesson. The kids teach us more with their answers than we usually teach them, and this week we learned that they have a great sense of humor. Michael asked a question about something specific, and Mary raised her hand and answered (totally unrelated to the question) “No hurting people” at the top of her voice (another common phrase in our home). We usually answer that kind of response with a “thank you Mary” and continue with the lesson, but then Emma raised her hand and said, “and no stealing carrots” at the top of her voice. This was followed by another, “no hurting people”, and another “and no stealing carrots” until they were arguing with each other over which answer was correct! These two girls now use these two phrases any time any question is asked. The older kids struggle to keep a straight face and to keep focused on the topic.

One last funny. Whenever we drive somewhere in the car, I hear, “Mommy, take a photo of this” and I turn around to see someone’s bottom with their legs up in the air. The girls think this is the funniest thing ever. Look at Emma, I’d break something if I tried to stretch like that! I love having kids that are close together in age because they always have a friend to play with. These girls love getting down on the dirty floor and chasing each other around like wild dogs. Only in American Samoa right?!

I love that they try to help each other though, and be a good influence to each other…I sometimes overhear, “don’t do that, it’s a bad choice”. If only they could remind each other “no stealing carrots” more frequently we might have a lot less bugs around here. Cute girls.



  1. If I didn’t know that those were pictures of two different kids I would have assumed it was the same girl! Gorgeous kids, all of them.

  2. So cute! I love having Grant and Collin really close in age too. They are so much fun. I agree that they look alike in those pictures!

  3. Love it! So funny!

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