Posted by: monsonmadness | April 6, 2012

Easter egg beach hunt

We had an amazing day yesterday. Good Friday is the only day that we get off from school and work, so unlike most of you who get a longer Easter break, we had to cram all of our activities into only a few days.

We started yesterday with an Easter Egg hunt at our new favorite beach. The weather was good, we had the tiny beach to ourselves, and we didn’t even have to wear water shoes. REAL SAND. A rare luxury in American Samoa! The kids each had a certain color and had to find all of their matching eggs. They had a great time.

Next, we enjoyed swimming and splashing around in the water. Emma is a lot more comfortable in the water these days which is great, but she needs a lot more supervision now.

I love this photo of Michael with the kids and the beautiful Pago harbor behind.

Michael and I took turns taking the kids out individually for snorkeling. This was a great experience. Michael went out first and saw a sea turtle and tons of fish. He did warn me that he had seen several of the biting fish (click here for biting fish story) out there, so I needed to be careful! Highlights of the snorkeling trips were seeing lots of gorgeous fish, and seeing the kids so excited. Scary parts were not freezing in panic whenever I saw a biting fish, and thinking that a branch was a huge eel/sea snake. We had each seen some strange pale green fish that were like long eels. I had seen one that was about two feet long, and Michael said he said one that was about three feet long. That’s why I panicked when I saw the branch. Phew! Also found a pair of empty trousers on the sea floor. After that, I was scared I would find a dead body and every piece of coral I saw looked like a skull. I was ready to come out!

Then, as is typical in the topics, we saw big grey clouds heading our way and knew we were in trouble. It happened really quickly so we packed up our stuff and ran to the car just as the heavens opened and the rain came down…HARD. The parking lot was flooded. It only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was heavy. We ate our picnic lunch in the car, and were really excited to watch sea turtles while we were eating. We saw three of them altogether. How awesome is that?

Back at home we had tye-dye eggs to make. No time to roll them until tomorrow, but we needed to get them ready.

We had planned a fun family movie night, and Michael and I went out on a limb and agreed that the kids could watch a non-cartoon for once. We rented Goonies, and oh what a mistake that was! I guess time had erased all the issues with that movie, but the kids were quick to point out the terrible language and inappropriate parts. We lasted five minutes and then turned it off for Peter Pan! (At least we got the truffle shuffle in!) No, seriously though, I’m so proud of my kids. They are so good at recognizing what is good and wholesome and what is not.

They were so excited for our Primary Easter activity this morning which will need to be a separate post. Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend.


  1. Lovely pictures Helen, great memories for you all xxx

  2. Sounds so fun!! How did you do the tie dye eggs? I laughed really hard about the pants in the ocean!!

  3. I had to laugh about Goonies. I had the same experience. I remember really liking the movie but when I showed it to the girls it was obvious I had forgotten parts of the movie.

    There’s a live action Peter Pan movie that I remember Annalise liking when she was younger. You might want to preview it before showing the kids because obviously my memory is going.

  4. That’s happened to me a few times, when I’m excited to show my kids a movie I watched a long time ago, and then it turns out to have things in it that I didn’t quite remember.

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