Posted by: monsonmadness | April 8, 2012

Primary Easter Activity

About three weeks ago, our Bishop asked us as a Primary Presidency to plan an Easter activity for the children of our church. There are just over 100 children in our ward. They usually do an Easter Egg hunt, but this year he wanted it to be centered on Christ.

We had eight different stations where the children would rotate with their teachers to learn about different parts of Easter. The stations were a story time about the Atonement, Easter symbols and scriptures, the meaning of resurrection, learning to play the Hosanna song on chimes, reflecting on why we love the Savior and making a palm leaf craft, coloring pages and puzzles, passover food sampling, and a short 4 minute video which you can see here. At the end, we all gathered together to sing our Hosanna song and wave our palm leaves, then we dismissed with a sack lunch.

The kids had a great time. Daniel said, “this was the funnest Easter activity EVER!!”

When we asked our children what their favorite station was on the way home, the conversation went like this; “the palm leaves, no the Passover food, no the chimes, no the story, no the coloring, no the movie, no the resurrection, no the scripture eggs” etc etc. You get the picture. They loved it all.

I made a slideshow with the photos from the activity and the Hosanna song in the background. It is 2 minutes long, and if you want to check it out, you can just click on this link:


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