Posted by: monsonmadness | April 11, 2012

Bottom fish

I have been trying to stay positive about our experiences here, and I have learned a lot from this goal. (It’s a really hard goal by the way) Some things are just really difficult. So, in no way complaining, but just to state some facts from our life, here are a few random things from the last few weeks which may only serve to help us remember our experiences here after we’ve left.

Everything gets ruined in American Samoa. I was warned not to bring anything with us that I wanted to take back. Books get ruined because of the damp and the insects. Anything wooden gets eaten by termites (our see saw that we brought has no seats any more, the termites ate through them in a few months). Cars fall to pieces and rust. Anything with a zipper won’t work any more, it’s not really rust…they get jammed with the moisture and humidity and they all break. I can’t even zipper my camera case which I open and close almost every day. All of our luggage is worthless now. We have to replace our shower curtains every few months because they get rotten. Clothes get stained really badly and it’s impossible to ever get them clean. And then, there’s the mold…I often pick up one of the kid’s school backpacks and find it covered with mold. This is how I found my wallet the other day! Lovely.

You have to be really careful where you hang your towels after your shower, we used to hang them on the back of the wooden bathroom door, but then the door started to turn black with mold. Our chair legs get eaten by termites and are often breaking. Thank goodness for strong glue and vices!

Next topic. No negatives about this picture. I just think it’s hilarious. I mean, really? Does this sign advertising fresh bottom fish make you want to pull over and buy some from the local fisherman? I think not.

And, speaking of bottoms…this is what we’ve been living with for several months straight now. We usually have bad heat rash for a few weeks at a time and then it disappears, but…

…it has been a raging inferno here for a couple of months and our poor children have suffered. Some family members commented the other day that we’d come back all tan and brown. So far from the truth! We can’t go outside, we are still white as can be and when we do go out we are smeared with factor 50 sunscreen and wear rash guards when we swim.

The kids’ rashes were so bad that we thought it was something else and took them in to the doctors just to make sure. We got more, “Um, I don’t know what that is” and so we gave up. Didn’t help that we were already frustrated because Mary is supposed to be on a daily medication for her fungal infection. They would only give us a one month supply one month ago, so when we wanted to refill it, we found out that not only do they not have any left on the island, but that they wouldn’t be getting any more in. Ever. Hmmmm.

They suggested we could contact a pharmacist in Canada and get it shipped here….hmmmmm. Finally we took her back in to get checked up and three doctors later they decided to put her on a different drug that was only in capsule form, so after many hours of waiting at the pharmacy,  they were somehow able to crush it up and reconstitute it for her. Two weeks on this medication and then back in for more scalp samples.

And lastly, this speedy little critter was really hard to destroy. I sprayed the heck out of him with cockroach spray and every time I thought he was dead, all curled up, I would go to sweep it away and he would spring back to life chasing me down with his poisonous little body. It’s like he was laughing, “ha! ha! I’m not a cockroach you fool!” Finally Michael arrived and stamped on him. Goodbye poisonous centipede.

They really are fast you know.

The end.



  1. The mold would really bother me. Yuck! Thanks for spreading your positive attitude.

  2. Those poor kids!! Do you and Michael have heat rash too? That would be so hard.

  3. Hugs to you and your family. Heat rash & mold is no fun!

    I have a question, American Samoa is a territory under the U.S. — is the U.S. helping in any way?

    • Do you mean financially? They get so much from the federal government that they are dependent on them. Easier to get free handouts than to actually earn it yourself…

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