Posted by: monsonmadness | April 15, 2012

Naughty corner

Feels like I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a REALLY busy week, and besides that, I’ve had my hands full with my kids who struggle a little with limited parental attention!

We’ve had several “time out in the naughty corner” this week. I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Mary during one of those times. Check out her bottom lip! The t-shirt was originally bought for Hannah when she was three, but it describes Mary appropriately these days too. It says, “I tried to be sweet, but I got bored.”

Michael has been transitioning lately. When the tsunami destroyed his company’s offices a couple of years ago, FEMA stepped in and gave rent money so that the company could have somewhere to work while they rebuilt. Three years later and the lease money has all gone, the rental contract is up, and did the company rebuild? No way, so Michael and several of his colleagues are out of an office!

He was told that he would need to work from home while they tried to figure something out. Three weeks later and he’s been going in and working in the conference room most of the time. Knowing how slowly things move in American Samoa, he wondered if he’d have an office by the time his contract was up next year, but in an unfortunate chain of events, someone at his company just passed away, and so Michael will “inherit” his office. Very morbid, but at least he’ll have an office to work from now.




  1. Awww…awesome picture!!!

  2. Hilarious. What an angle to get that lip protruding so far! x

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