Posted by: monsonmadness | April 18, 2012

Two day holiday

Yesterday was flag day in American Samoa, and it is a BIG DEAL. So big, that the government gave everyone an extra day of vacation in addition to the one already scheduled. SWEET. Two days off school and I get to hang with the kids at home.

There were lots of festivities going on, but going into crowds alone with my “flock” isn’t the smartest thing in the world, so we only ventured out to one activity. I’ll put that in another post.

So….with Dad away in Samoa on a temple trip with the youth, we were left to entertain ourselves, and oh what fun we had!

On the first day, we bagged homework and went to the park instead. Six little monkeys. I love them to pieces.

After dinner and showers, I gave the kids a glow stick to take to bed. They were over the moon and didn’t even mind going to bed early!

The next day we went out in the morning, and then had friends over in the afternoon. Mary is totally in love with her friend Owen!

Hannah is just as obsessed with her best friend Ella. Look at the note that Ella gave Hannah for Valentine’s day, and then look what Ella was wearing when she came over for the play date! The girls were giddy!

We made homemade pizza together and played lots of games.

Day number three we went shopping! Grandma had ordered birthday presents from a company back in January and the good old Pago Pago post office can’t find the package. It arrived in February, but now is “gone”. This has happened before and then it was delivered to us four months later, so maybe we’ll be surprised, but the company that we ordered from gave us the money back, so the three kids who have already had their birthday this year, but haven’t had Grandma’s present yet, go to pick out a new toy. Going to the store and only buying toys for half of your kids could be a bit risky, and Mary was a little upset at first, but as Emma reminded her, “Sharing is caring”, and so the three gift receivers were wonderful sharers and we all had a good time.

Well…all except me…Matthew chose a tabletop fuseball table, and I didn’t realize that I had to assemble it. If Michael were here, he would have done it, but alas, all eyes and much happiness rested on me so one hour of “take screw A5 and align with hole G4, insert but do not tighten” later, and I was ready for a break! Assembling things is frustrating in the best of situations, but in 90 degree heat, it was a trial of my patience to say the least.

But…Matthew was happier than I’ve seen him in months. He is obsessed with soccer (he has most of the World Cup scores from 2010 memorized) and was quick to draw up tournament brackets for all the kids (our friends came over again). He isn’t usually interested in many toys that are not electronic, so this one was a winner. He was laughing and giggling for hours, it was wonderful.

Here is Hannah, thrilled with her “Build a Bear” purchase…

…and Emma loved the new baby that she chose. She has named her “Lua” which is Samoan for “two”.  A bit random, but she thought of it all by herself.

We had a great game of “Don’t eat Pete” which was given to me by an unknown neighbor in Utah once. I wish I knew who had given it to me so that I could thank them…it’s a family favorite 🙂

After dinner, we made friendship bracelets while we watched a movie, and I’ve just barely put the kids down to bed.

Let’s see…what else? I had a bit of an OCD day because my watch died, and although I was able to find a place that sold batteries, I have yet to find someone who can put it in! I haven’t gone without wearing a watch since I was about 10 or 11 years old, so not knowing what time it is is very difficult for me! I’ve drowned my worries in all the Easter Candy that I found on sale today at the store, so all is well.

Now, got to get busy. I’ve spent about 10 hours on genealogy in the last few days since Michael’s been gone, I haven’t had the luxury of that much time for research for a long time, and I only have one more evening left so I need to get busy… genealogy is even more fun with a mouth full of jellybeans!



  1. Fun vacation days!!

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