Posted by: monsonmadness | May 2, 2012


Remember that I mentioned the concert that was on the island last Friday? Well, our school was heavily involved in at as a fundraiser, we were in charge of getting all the vendors, and we also had our own booths selling food, drinks, and glow sticks. It was fun but a lot of stress for lots of people. Not really for me in as far as preparation goes, but on the night of the concert I was in the charge of the money for the drink booth (we were the only ones selling drinks) so it was HARD CORE PRESSURE. I had an endless line of people with no break for over four hours. They would say something like, “three sodas, two mountain dews, one 7up, four waters, two red Gatorades and a blue Gatorade” and then hand me a $50 bill! I had to figure it all out in my mind in a couple of seconds and get the correct change out. I had flashbacks of when I was a bank teller in England! I quite enjoy handling money, it was a fun job, but after the concert, my mind was so active that I couldn’t go to sleep. I was awake until 3am!

Anyway, for the concert, my friend Melinda was in charge (with only a couple of days notice) to make some short commercials for our school that they would show during concert breaks. Our school motto is “I am Ta’iala” so she used this to make three 40 second commercials. The musicians playing at the concert, Adeaze, and Miss American Samoa came to our school for an assembly earlier that week, so they are in some of the clips.

The first one has Matthew and Benjamin playing soccer, and Daniel and Benjamin saying “I am Ta’iala” on it.


The second one has Matthew helping another student, Matthew and Benjamin playing more soccer, and my kindergarten class taking a bow at the end of the commercial.


The third one has Hannah raising her hand in class, more soccer from Matthew and Benjamin, and Matthew saying, “I am Ta’iala”


This last movie was designed by one of the students and is called “Kindness begins with me” and is a 2 1/2 minute movie depicting acts of kindness that people at the school do, which lead to the recipient doing something kind for someone else. Matthew has a part in this one, getting upset while playing soccer. He is comforted by a friend and made to feel better, so Matthew tries to help someone else…It also has Hannah walking out of the classroom at the end of the day. .


  1. Perfect job for you! Cute videos. What does I am Ta’iala mean?

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