Posted by: monsonmadness | May 6, 2012

More funny things that the kids say

This is a true statement. It just sounds weird:

Hannah “Ducks don’t exist here”


Um, yes, that’s right.

Mary “When I pull my skin off, it hurts”


She should know…

Mary “These naughty corners…I hate these ones”


While carrying both Mary and Emma out of sacrament meeting in my arms with Mary screaming at the top of her lungs (Don’t forget the rolled “r”) :

Emma “Mary is being a brrrrrrrat”


As I was talking about clothes I’d need to take to New Zealand (comment comes from someone who’s lived in a tropical climate for too long!):

Hannah  “What are jeans?”


Not wanting to do her homework:

Hannah  “It will look like slop if I do it…angry slop! Oo see sa sa. Gu ga”


While saying the family prayer:

Matthew   “Please bless Mary and Emma that they won’t talk in prayers, and please bless that the scabies on my bottom will stop itching and go away”



  1. So funny!!!

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