Posted by: monsonmadness | May 15, 2012

All for the love of a string cheese

Have you ever had a problem with your kids sneaking food? I was definitely a food sneaker when I was younger (shhh, don’t tell my parents). One chocolate biscuit here, a packet of crisps there. It’s only natural right?

Here in American Samoa, we have to be really strict about food. Not only are delicious things almost impossible to find, and therefore rationed, but we have to be careful about where and when we eat. If crumbs are dropped, the ants will be right there. If food is taken somewhere where it shouldn’t be by a sneaky child, we will inevitably find out about it and it won’t be pretty.

Take Saturday for instance. Michael was out moving some furniture into our new rental and I was home trying to get the kids to clean up. Every since we fired our cleaner and I started working more, we haven’t kept things up as well as we should. We have a chore chart and we are good at keeping the groceries done, the laundry done, the bathrooms cleaned, and the floors mopped, but those small jobs (like sweeping underneath furniture) have been ignored.

On Saturday, I decided to move the couches and clean underneath them. What a shock it was to find three ant hills full of fire ants who did not at all appreciate me disturbing their habitat, and who rushed at us in a mad army biting at our toes. You should have heard the kids scream! It wasn’t a pretty sight. All cleared up now, but maybe you’ll appreciate why we’re so strict about only eating in the dining room and kitchen.

Given that background, you’ll understand why I was upset when I found my two little toddlers being sneaky the other day. I was preparing some home school things and it got pretty quiet. I went to check on the girls who I had left doing puzzles, but they weren’t there. I started to look around for them and heard them whispering in Hannah’s room. As I approached I heard 2 year old Emma say to her 3 year old sister Mary, “It’s the most beautifullest thing”. How cute, I thought, they must be playing with dolls or jewelry or something. I almost didn’t want to disturb their play, but decided to check in just in case. I stuck my head into the room, and there were the sneaky little girls, crouched in the closet, each holding an unwrapped string cheese (coveted and rationed in our house because of their rarity and exorbitant price). They were holding them up in the air in awe, so happy that they had their hands on such a prized possession! (The photo was obviously taken when they had been caught and knew they were in trouble)

Traitors! The ants will come, don’t they know the ants will come?????? Their punishment? I ate the string cheeses in front of them and then put them in the naughty corner.

Oh yes, of course I felt bad about that later, and made sure to give them their own string cheese later in the day, but they must learn that they can’t steal food or take it into bedrooms! Kids!



  1. Haaa!! I love that you ate the cheese! I hate bugs in the house- I would be going crazy if I had this problem.

  2. Those girls have a friend in my Suzy. Cheese is definitely the most beautifullest thing to her as well. I had to stop buying string cheese because she was trying to eat 2-3 per day, either sneaking them or begging throughout the day and throwing multiple tantrums when I wouldn’t let her. I wonder what’s so addictive about those!

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