Posted by: monsonmadness | May 22, 2012

Random photos

Here are a few random photos. The kids were playing outside the other day and found the bottom half of a rat. Pretty gross huh? Wonder if the other half will show up somewhere?

This is the clicky little gecko that lives in our bedroom. When I’m on the computer at night, he likes to stick his head out from behind the curtain (yes, those are staples) and stare at me.

I love this photo of the girls eating ice cream cones. Cost-U-Less has a new ice cream maker and we had to give it a try. They were huge. I should have taken an after photo because they were COVERED in ice cream. I like how they both chose green lime and it looks like it’s coming out of Mary’s nose!

Sorry, I guess I’m obsessed with these girls. They are so cute. They play so well together. Emma is letting Mary sit on her back to brush her hair. Please don’t mind Benjamin in the background, he just passed out with the heat! You’ll often find members of our family collapsed on the floor like this!

This is one tired little girl…

And this is what it looks like when the big boys at school don’t want to listen to teasing and rudeness any more…



  1. That half rat is disgusting!!! Those little girls are very cute. It’s so fun to have them close in age. Is that Hannah in the last picture? What happened??

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