Posted by: monsonmadness | May 25, 2012

Homemade leis

In Polynesian cultures, a lei is something that is created by someone and given to another with the intent to decorate that person for an emotional reason—usually as a sign of affection. Common reasons include greeting, farewell, affection or love, friendship, appreciation, congratulations, or recognition.

In American Samoa leis are a big deal, ESPECIALLY at graduations. For a recent Relief Society enrichment activity, we learned to make leis. I learned how to make penny leis, and I also crocheted a lei using yarn (wool) and three drinking straws. Pretty cool huh?

By far the kids love the candy leis the most, and so for Daniel’s Kindergarten graduation tonight, he wore the paper lei we made in class, the penny lei, the crocheted lei, and the candy lei that I gave him. We did not anticipate being bombarded with more leis by his classmates… I got five leis myself! It was awesome, although after a while they are really heavy around the back of your head and the chocolate starts to melt and form around the shape of your neck!!!!!

Hooray for new cultural traditions.



  1. I think the graduation lei tradition has trickled to California. When you go to high school graduations you see many of the kids wearing them. I think it’s a great tradition. I will definitely give them to my girls when they graduate.

  2. Those are really fun. I think the candy leis would be my favorite.

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