Posted by: monsonmadness | May 31, 2012

Hot water beach, Cathedral cove, more windy roads, roast dinner, and the temple!

Day 4 – Thursday 31st May

Busy, busy day. Check out the photos of our awesome accommodation, recommended by my Mum and Dad. The only problem….it was FREEZING. We had a little radiator in the bedroom, but we were still cold. Welcome to New Zealand! It is weird that when we go south now, we get colder!

We got up bright and early because low tide was at 7.30am, and our destination was Hot Water Beach where a small area of the beach is over some volcanic activity and every day for two hours either side of low tide, you can dig a hole in the sand and have the hot spring water bubble up and then you relax in it like a hot tub.

It’s really busy in the summer, but luckily for us, there were only a couple of other tourists crazy enough to get up so early when it was so cold to try it, so we had lots more space. The tide was too high and kept washing out what we had dug, so we just enjoyed our feet in the hot sand. The part where the sand bubbles and the steam comes out was much too hot to even walk on.

After that we went on a nearby hike to Cathedral Cove. It was absolutely stunning. This country is amazing.

After a delicious lunch of sausage and chips (in the newspaper mind you) we headed down south towards Hamilton. The curvy roads are crazy, but at least it was day time now and we could enjoy the beautiful scenery. We saw wild turkeys, more llamas, loads of interesting birds, and a huge goat in the middle of the road.

Michael had been looking in some of the guide books and wanted to stop at Hamilton gardens for a while so we made a detour and enjoyed an hour wandering around the peaceful gardens.

After that, we were off to the New Zealand temple. I haven’t been to the temple since September when we flew to Samoa, so it was wonderful to go again. The people were wonderful and friendly and we had a great experience. Here are some photos and interesting facts about this temple:

Hamilton New Zealand Mormon Temple

The Hamilton New Zealand Temple features beautiful murals on the walls of its Celestial Room (one of only three temples with Celestial Room murals—the others are the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple and the Los Angeles California Temple).The Hamilton New Zealand Temple was the first temple built in the Southern Hemisphere and second built in Polynesia, following the Laie Hawaii Temple (1919).

Photograph of the Hamilton New Zealand Mormon Temple

We were finished at the temple at 8.30pm and were starving. We wondered if we would find anywhere open to eat and then both of our dream came true. In a small town called Dinsdale, there was a street with a Subway on one side of the road (don’t have this in American Samoa) and a Roast Meat take out on the other! I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never heard of such a thing. You could choose any roast, beef, lamb, pork chicken, they had roast potatoes and other sides. It was awesome, and super cheap, so I got my own little English roast dinner while Michael ate his healthy veggie footlong!

For the next two nights we are staying in campus accommodation at the old Church College Campus, just a few minutes from the temple. We knew what we were getting which is why we splashed out on our first two night’s accommodation, but, you get what you pay for, and for $10 a night at the campus, we can’t complain. Michael wants to go to a hotel where we can have heating, but he’ll survive! Here are some more photos from the day…


  1. That Roast Meat take out sounds awesome! I can’t get over how beautiful it is there.

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