Posted by: monsonmadness | June 9, 2012

Monsons at the movies

I am pretty cheap when it comes to spending money on my kids. They wear second hand clothes, get a lot of hand me down toys, and we do a lot of fun “free” activities. Things like bowling and the movies are for special occasions in our house.

There is a small 2-screen movie theater on the island but I had never been. The kids beg to go all the time, but I rationalise that spending $2 to rent the DVD a few months later is much better than spending $50 to take the whole family (and that’s without popcorn and drinks) and then risk having to stand in the hall with a bored toddler, so…we just don’t go.

Until today. Perhaps it’s the guilt of just coming back from an adults only trip to New Zealand with a trip to Fiji coming up in two weeks. Time to “splurge” on the kids don’t you think?

I did, and so off we went to watch Madagascar 3, and they all LOVED it. Benjamin’s giggles and Daniel’s chuckles were priceless. In the middle of the movie, Hannah leaned over and said, “I love you Mom.” Matthew can quote most of the movie after one viewing, so who needs to rent the DVD anyway? Money well spent I’d say.


  1. Fun! I love when one of my boys will tell me that he loves me just because he is so excited to be doing something fun with me!

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