Posted by: monsonmadness | June 10, 2012

Dead dog dilemma

A normal morning in our house involves opening the front door to the smell of stinky dog, and trying to get out as fast as we can before the fleas and flies get into the house. The four or five feral dogs who sleep underneath our car in our garage each night move as slowly as molasses until we turn the car on, and then they normally get out of the way.
This morning was different. One of the dogs didn’t move. At all. And then, we realized that it was dead. It must have been sick because there was no sign of a wound or any kind of attack, but the flies were already enjoying themselves and we knew we had to take care of it quickly, but what are you supposed to do with a dead dog that doesn’t belong to anyone, and who eats garbage and dirty diapers all day?
I posed the question to my facebook friends and got answers such as “kebabs for tea”, “Dog. It’s what’s for dinner” and that I should have done a “proper burial at sea!”

I did have one friend who suggested simply burying the dog in the yard, but we couldn’t do that. Firstly, we are renters, it is not our land, and the Samoan people use their land to bury their family members! This is the grave in our front yard of some of the landlord’s family members.

It was ironic that it happened today, because just yesterday, my sister in law made a post on her blog about how much of an animal lover she is, so that was what was going through my mind, why I wasn’t more like her. I was thinking about her post which was about a baby skunk that she found in her window well, and who she is rescuing and bottle feeding with animal formula (didn’t even know there was such a thing). I guess animal control said that they would have to euthanize it, so instead, my sister in law is taking care of it until she takes it to a life preserve 2 hours away. Wow! That is about the last thing that I would ever do. I think she needs to move here and figure out a way to save all the animals 😉
I know that some of you may think I’ve been heartless as I’ve written about the animals here, but I don’t think you realize the extent of the dog dilemma here.
For example, do you remember this photo? It was taken my first day here. This is our front yard. There are 7 dogs in the picture. None of them have a home.
This is the dog that hangs around at the school. Gaping open flesh wounds. The dog will get an infection and die. There’s nothing that can be done.

Then there’s this dog who sits like this outside the grocery store. He’s one of many who look the same way.

Remember when Daniel found this dog skull in our yard? You just can’t get away from them.

Feral dogs are EVERYWHERE and most of them are not very nice. They ruin hikes and trips to the beach, and make visiting friends and neighbors spontaneously very difficult and in some cases impossible.

I have run over two dogs so far. What a ridiculous statistic. I feel bad about the situation, and wish the government would send someone in to eradicate the problem. Yes, it sounds heartless, but these animals don’t have a good life. They suffer and don’t have anyone to take care of them. They carry disease with them and are the number one cause of visits to the hospital here (for bites)

Anyway, I got off the issue. The issue is, that we had a dead dog in our garage and we had to do something about it. Being the good, supportive wife that I am, I got Michael some gloves and a garbage sack, and ran to get my camera.

Michael likes animals about as much as I do, and wouldn’t even choose to touch a live animal, and yet he knew he had to take care of this dead one. We were able to get in touch with our landlord who asked us to put it in a garbage bag and leave it by the side of the house. He would send two boys later that morning to come and dispose of the body.

So…with a great deal of trepidation, Michael took care of business.

The body was still there at lunch time. Still there when we got back from the movies, and still there when we went to bed.

It took 4 days for them to fix our phone line last week. Any guesses on how long we’ll be guarding the dead body?



  1. That is a really sad situation. I agree that it would be better to do something about it then let them all suffer like that.

  2. It better be soon–in that temperature and humidity–eww.

    I’m thinking about your situation with all the feral dogs… No animal control around there, huh? Wonder if there’s a possibility for such a thing–it would provide jobs for people!

  3. Ewww. I hope for your guys’ sake that they come soon. The heat and humidity will make it even grosser.

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