Posted by: monsonmadness | June 12, 2012


I have been so busy doing laundry, unpacking from our trip, and getting ready for Hawaii on Thursday, that I almost forgot that we are moving house in two weeks. We barely have any furniture to move, but we will have to box everything up, move it over and then unpack again. Not a fun thought.

I’ve collected a few boxes, but haven’t had the time to fill them all yet. There really isn’t any de-cluttering to do, we need/want everything we have, so it’s just a matter of transporting and then organizing.

As I’ve been thinking about the move last year and this move coming up, there are a few things that make me chuckle. In several ways, we are down sizing.

Last year we left our 3600 sq ft, 5 bedroom home and moved into this house, a 4 bed room home, much smaller, and as you know, with many more challenges. We are downsizing again at the end of the month and fingers crossed it will be worth it. We are moving into a 3 bedroom basement apartment that is even smaller than the house we’re currently in. Quite ironic, BUT there should be a lot more benefits. (Cooler, updated, nice kitchen etc)

It’s not only the size of our home that we’re downsizing. Another big difference will be the downside in our fridge! In Utah we had two fridge/freezers as well as an upright freezer. Oh yeah! If you have a large family with small kids, you can appreciate how awesome it was that I would only have to go to the grocery store once every two weeks. When we moved here, we have one fridge/freezer so it was a big adjustment. Add to that the fact that you can’t store food in cupboards because of the ants and other bugs, and you have to learn to do things differently. The nice thing was that the one we have here is a side by side and is huge, so we were very lucky. Now we’re moving to a house that has an even smaller fridge/freezer (although we are grateful that it is newer, clean, and we won’t have to worry about freezing pipes and leaking like we did here). Of course I am grateful that we have one, and compared to most European fridges, it is still nice and big, I’m just saying that our family is downsizing again and we will need to adjust our life a little bit. (Grocery shopping with all the kids isn’t fun, and we never have two free evenings a week for doing the groceries)

Last downsizing comparison…the bed! Michael and I had a luxurious 4 poster king sized bed in Utah. We moved here to a California king with just a mattress and box springs. In our new house, we will have a queen bed. Nothing wrong with that. That’s what we had for 10 years after we got married, but we’ve become used to spreading out more! There’s nothing wrong with snuggling and spooning in a smaller bed, but when you’re going to sleep in 85 degree heat and you can’t even bear for a sheet to touch you, you don’t want another hot body anywhere near you!…you get the idea.

So, we’re downsizing and darn it, life is going to be great!



  1. Sounds like it will all be worth it! Except the queen size bed- that would be hard!!!

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