Posted by: monsonmadness | June 14, 2012


Haven’t posted any random photos for a while.

People often come up to me and comment about why we’re here in American Samoa. Most are confused about why we would choose to come. The other day in the store, a Samoan lady came up to me, turned my shoulders to face hers and point blank stared at me and asked, “Excuse me…WHY, did you come here?”

I had all 6 kids with me in the store at the time, the boys were wearing their matching Kiwi shirts below that we had brought them from New Zealand. She probably thought we were from there, and was bewildered that anyone would from a developed country like New Zealand would intentionally choose to come and live here in American Samoa. Sometimes I think that many Samoans don’t know some of the things they’re missing off island, but then I realize that there are many of them that actually do, a lot, and they don’t understand why people like us would choose to come.  Of course, the tables can be turned and there are lots of people here who love this life style and laid back way of life.

Leaving the island a few weeks ago did make me miss all of the luxuries in life that I have missed and taken for granted before, but at the same time, this experience of living here has really blessed our family.

Look how cute my kids are. The girls are wearing their matching blouses that we brought them from New Zealand.

Here is a picture of our ward Bishopric. Michael loves serving in this calling.

This is what my kids like to do when they’re bored. Get the musical instruments out and put on a show. Don’t forget the scary lego sibling on the drums!

I really wanted to take a photo of the planes going over our house before we moved. I thought I was really smart by assigning this project to Matthew. He created a table and charted down what time the planes passed over every day. Although they weren’t exactly on time, we got an idea, and knew the good times to go outside for a photo. On this occasion, we had to wait for 10 minutes. I told Hannah and Daniel to do a bored look for the camera. They did a great job!

And then, a plane flew over, but it was a small 16 passenger one.

Not like the 250 passenger Boeing 767 that comes in twice a week from Hawaii, and not like the big grey jets that shake the walls of our house, but…you get the idea. If we had a trampoline in our yard, there is a good chance we could reach up and wave to the passengers through the windows.

And last but not least, I pulled over on the way home from the doctors yesterday (another post) because I thought this picture was stunning. You can’t drive along the coast here and be in a bad mood (most days I don’t see the coast, only when we drive out west to go downtown). Seeing the blue ocean and the green mountains just takes your breath away. Maybe I should make a point to drive out there at least once a week to rejuvenate!

And now…I’m off to Maui to spend the weekend with my Mum. Hooray 🙂


  1. Your kids are very, very cute!! I would say have fun in Hawaii, but I KNOW you’ll have fun!!

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