Posted by: monsonmadness | June 22, 2012

Relaxing in the rain in Fiji

Our second day in Fiji was spent at our “boutique” resort. This tiny resort was in the middle of nowhere and we were one of only three guests. It was silent and peaceful. It has its own private beach and we were hoping to swim, snorkel, kayak, play badminton, boules and more. We planned to spend the whole day just relaxing and not going anywhere.

Wellesley Resort Fiji - View

Wellesley Resort Fiji - Stateroom

Wellesley Resort Fiji - Swimming pool

Well, although we didn’t leave the resort, things didn’t go exactly as we had anticipated. For example, right before bed the night before I noticed a HUGE black spider with enormous pincer like things. It took Michael ages to finally get it. He did one of those man things that my Dad used to do where he knocked it off the ceiling first, then lost it, then pretending that it didn’t matter and it wouldn’t come back. Yeah right! I was ready to change rooms! I’ve been so lucky living in a place with no spiders the last year, that this big fat black one was really bothering me. Anyway, Michael wasn’t allowed back in bed until he caught it, so five minutes later when it reappeared, he decided to smash it instead of knock it down. Okay…now I could go to sleep, but not a good start.

The next morning after breakfast, we walked down to the beach. It looked like it was about to rain. We lay out on chairs for a while talking and watching the birds.

The clouds were getting grayer. We watched a fisherman punting his way out on the reef to see what he could catch that day. The scenery reminded us of the movie “The Other Side of Heaven”.

We’ve lived in the Pacific long enough to recognize when a storm is coming in, and how quickly they can come, so we jumped up and headed back to our room.

Within minutes, the rain started coming down, and it continued the whole rest of the day and night. It never let up. A waterfall and river formed on the hill across from us, it was almost scary. Our day of relaxing needed to be “adjusted” so we bought internet cards and spent time checking emails, writing blog posts, and Skyping with the kids. We read books for several hours, and then after lunch, I went for a massage while Michael worked out. (That sounds about right doesn’t it?)

Later that day, more reading, and yes, Michael got so desperate that he agreed to play a game of scrabble with me! Bula!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the rain will stop by tomorrow because we have a jungle river day tour planned…

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