Posted by: monsonmadness | June 29, 2012

Samoan day

During the last week of school, the kids enjoyed a “Samoan day”. It was when I was in New Zealand and I was so sad to miss it, but thanks to my amazing friends, I have lots of photos and video clips so that I can see what the kids did and so that they will be able to remember it as they grow up.

One of the goals at Ta’iala is to promote Fa’aSamoa by teaching the students Samoan language, dance, and culture.  Four of the Samoan teachers planned a day full of work, fun, and food!  The students were divided into three groups and rotated stations.  While some go a chance to ‘valu’ the ‘popo’, or scrape coconuts, others were preparing the ‘umu’ or outdoor oven.  The third group learned ‘siva samoa’ and ‘sa sa’, or dancing, in the fale.

Everyone worked together to make the papa, or baked coconut bread with papaya. The batter is scooped into banana leaves and wrapped tightly, then placed on the umu when the rocks are red hot.  The umu is covered with leaves, and the batter bakes.  When the papa is cooked, it is then mixed with a melted sugar caramel sauce to make fausi, a delicious Samoan treat.

After lunch they played group games in the malae. Thanks to the fantastic teachers, my kids had a GREAT day. What an awesome experience.



  1. That does look like an awesome experience. Loved the videos of them dancing!

  2. Wow, your kids are getting some great culture and fun experiences. 🙂
    love you and miss you

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