Posted by: monsonmadness | July 10, 2012

Danger of dryers

So, last week I wrote about how scared I was when I found our dryer on fire. Turns out, I didn’t need to be so worried, well, I did, but a lot of what I saw was actually quite normal. Who knew? Every dryer I’ve ever had faces away from me, so I’ve never seen what happens behind a dryer before, well apparently, especially with gas dryers, seeing bright orange lights and shooting flames is quite normal and they have regulators installed to keep the temperature just right. The issue with our dryer was that the hose wasn’t fully attached and locked into place, so the flames were coming out of there as well, and the Samoan who painted the outside of house before we moved it, painted over the dryer vent which sealed it shut, trapping all that heat inside and causing the burning smell, so yes, we could have gone up in flames if I hadn’t gone back into the room, and I was justified in my panic!

My landlord says that the moral of the story is to never leave your dryer on when you leave the house. I thought that was a big part of the point of washers and dryers though…I ALWAYS turn on the laundry and then go out to run errands/go to work etc. Do you feel comfortable leaving your dryer on when you’re not home?

This picture was taken yesterday during a “normal” drying cycle. Tell me the truth, wouldn’t you freak out if you saw this behind your dryer for the first time????


  1. Um, yes I would freak out and now I’m freaked out thinking that is going on behind my gas dryer!!! I never leave the dryer on when we leave the house. My parent’s had friends that had a dryer catch their house on fire. Elise Nathan had a friend that had a dryer catch fire and they ended up losing a child in the fire. Being home won’t stop a fire but at least you can call the fire department instead of not knowing there is a fire.

  2. I would totally freak out and would never feel comfortable with that.

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