Posted by: monsonmadness | July 11, 2012

Building an entertainment center and adding a few more children

My talented husband just built us an entertainment center for our new house. He calls it the “moderate republican” because it leans slightly to the right. He worked really hard on it, and it looks great in our family room.

Today I have the privilege of babysitting three extra children for a few days. Good job I love them so much. This is the return part of the trade where I got to have an amazing vacation in New Zealand. Now my friend is off to the temple in Samoa with her husband (and luckily for me is taking her baby who is still breastfeeding). I will have 9 children between the ages of 2 and 9. They play together really well, so the part I’m most nervous about is bedtime. I’ve got to put 9 kids to bed in only 2 bedrooms. I’m up to the challenge, it’s going to be loud, but fun!!!


  1. Good thing you think along the lines of the more the merrier!! The entertainment center looks great!

  2. thanks so much helen. i’m glad its a privilege. we’ve been having a nice time so far. mind if i extend the vacation for a few more weeks??
    give my love to the three kids whose last name is temple.

  3. The entertainment center does look great.

  4. You’re both amazing…building furniture and up for a bedtime challenge. 3 cheers for the Monsons! =)

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