Posted by: monsonmadness | July 17, 2012

Robinson Crusoe

Today was our first day of home school and for literature, we started reading the book “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe. After reading and discussing the first chapter, I gave the kids a simple writing assignment. I asked them to think of 10 things that they would take with them on a lifeboat if their ship was sinking.

Their paragraphs were so cute, and their illustrations were awesome.

I have to simplify some of the assignments for Daniel, who just turned 6 last month, but he did a great job of writing 10 things down and drawing matching pictures. Here is his list with spelling translation:

1. food

2. clowds (clothes)

3. The Book of Mormon

4. walet (wallet)

5. toothbrush

6. toothpaste

7. fone (phone)

8. Mom

9. canoe

10. gams (games)

I have to add a little bit from what Benjamin wrote. Part of his paragraph read, “I would also take a life jacket in case a shark bites the life boat in half. I would bring a big rock to throw at the shark. I would bring three tubs of strawberries and as much money as I could get so that I could buy cream to dip the strawberries in.”

Aren’t kids the greatest?

What would you take with you?


  1. Awww….that is so sweet that he put Mom!!! And he’s a pretty smart one to bring along a canoe and phone!! I would have to specify chocolate along with food in general!

  2. I would bring lots and lots of books…..have to have something to do while you are waiting to be saved. 🙂 Oh, and lots of water too!

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