Posted by: monsonmadness | July 23, 2012


Although I had heard the word termite before we moved to American Samoa, I have to admit that I didn’t know what one was, other than a bug of some kind.

Turns out they although they are distantly related to ants, they are a part of the cockroach family. I would much rather have to look at/touch termites than either ants or cockroaches, they are not scary at all, and you can just bat them away like flies, but boy do they cause some trouble….

Termites live in colonies which means if you see one, they are thousands more of them hiding somewhere else! The termites here are real pests and do great damage to wood.

We only saw a few at our old house, they would come out at night because they are attracted to the lights, and then in the mornings, we would find a mess to clean up.

Here at this house, it is a problem of much bigger proportions. Although the house has been treated with pesticides, the termites are everywhere. Check out the photos of the “dust” that they leave for us to clean up each day. I tried to take a photo of them swarming around the lamp but it didn’t turn out so well. Just believe me, it is about the grossing thing out there to finally have the kids in bed, and decide to crash on the couch with a movie and then the termites come out. Our family room doesn’t even have a light, so we bought a floor lamp and the termites just swarm around it. They are also attracted to the light from the tv, so they gather together on the screen, as if purposely trying to annoy us.

The worst of all though is when Michael and I try to read the scriptures together at night. By then, the whole house is dark, and the termites have no other light to flock to so they come in our room. They are in our faces, up our noses, in our eyes and mouth. It is so bad, it is hilarious. Even Michael (who is unflappable according to my Mum) gets annoyed and frustrated and rants around the room trying to kill as many as possible. It’s a pointless task though, there are way too many. We have since learned that when we’re ready for bed, we need to leave the lights on in the house, go into our room and close the door, do our scripture study, and then turn of the light in our bedroom, turn off the lights in the rest of the house, and try to sleep without inhaling too many!

Guess what else I found out about termites? People eat them, and treat them as a delicacy. They are really nutritious because they have a good store of fat and protein. They are supposed to taste “nutty” when cooked, but they taste best when they’re roasted or lightly fried (oil isn’t needed since their bodies are naturally high in oil) How gross is that? I’ll think I’ll just take their word for it.


  1. That is so gross!!! I hate bugs and I would be freaking out!!

  2. Oh my Helen! I hope you can’t get any diseases from these termites or you guys are in trouble. My sister has had trouble with termites in her home down in Mesa, Arizona, and it is costing her upwards of $50,000 to repair the damage. Good thing you are just renting and not buying!

  3. Aaaagh! I thought the new house was supposed to be an improvement!
    Seriously, look hard in Oregon for your future home!

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