Posted by: monsonmadness | August 6, 2012

$2 beach NOT

On Saturday we finally made it a priority to go to the beach. We decided to get together with our friends and splurge with a visit to the best beach on the island, $2 beach. As its name implies, it costs $2 to go there. While we resent paying to go to the beach living on an island, it really is gorgeous and when you think about how much people have to pay to come on vacation somewhere like this, it puts it all in perspective.

Michael had gone out paddling for the first time early that morning, so I got all the kids ready and picked him up at Sadie’s. We drove to the other side of the island (much more beautiful and remote) ready to enjoy the beautiful sun and the warm ocean.

Fun parts of the day included finding blue starfish and a dead sea urchin, climbing up rocks and jumping into water, having a picnic in the fale, and just hanging out with friends. Not so fun parts of the day came when the locals who own the beach decided to come out in true Samoan style and charge us $5 per person for coming. $5 each to come to the $2 beach. Huh?

They even have a brand new sign, one of the fanciest I’ve ever seen on this island…check it out…they must have paid for that with the increased fees…why didn’t they just change the name of the beach while they were at it?

After a little discussion, they generously (NOT) agreed to let our babies swim for free, so it only cost $50 for our families to attend instead. Expensive day at the beach, but totally worth it.

Won’t go there again.

Will definitely miss it when we’ve left and will probably always want to come back to such a gorgeous place but will never be able to afford to!


  1. That is so crazy that they just change prices willy nilly like that!! Beautiful place though. Glad to see that Mary doesn’t seem scared to be back in the ocean.

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