Posted by: monsonmadness | August 21, 2012


So we’ve lived at our new house for 7 weeks now, and I think we have cursed the place. We have had so much bad luck, it’s bordering on hilarious. Our landlord has been so good in taking care of things as soon as we tell her, but it’s getting embarrassing now every time there is a new problem!

The first 5 weeks that we lived here, we didn’t have proper phone service. They didn’t hook us up correctly, then there was noise on the line, then we weren’t hooked up to call cell phones, only landlines, it was a joke!

Our internet was shut off twice because of confusion of who was paying the bill (we split the bill with our landlord and pay them with our rent). That was a pretty easy fix and we got internet back the next day.

Our fridge/freezer was damaged by the people who moved it down when we arrived, and we didn’t figure that out until we had lost a lot of food and had to make do with putting things in coolers until we could get it fixed. Luckily my landlord has connections with everyone so that was taken care of quickly.

Remember the drama with the dryer? I guess I panicked when I saw flames coming out of the back of the dryer (how was I supposed to know that was normal?), but the people who had painted the house had painted the vent shut which was why there was also a burning smell. That could have ended badly. Once we knew what the problem was…easy fix.

I certainly didn’t expect for the washing machine to die a couple of weeks later! It just wouldn’t spin anymore, and so the clothes sat dripping wet when they were washed. If you can imagine how much laundry I do each week, you will understand that wringing them by hand was not a viable option (actually tried it a few times and gave myself very sore muscles!). Good news here is that the washing machine was under warranty with a great company on the island (how rare) who not only came to pick up the machine to be fixed, but left me with a loaner so that I could keep doing my laundry! Never heard of such a thing. How awesome is that? Got the machine back a few days later only to realize that it still wasn’t working and we had to go through the whole thing again of picking up the machine and using a loaner for a while.

The next issue was a false alarm because I don’t have very many brain cells. I tried using the broiler for the first time since we had lived here and it didn’t work. It just wouldn’t heat up at all. I let the landlord know and later figured out that the part of the oven that I thought was the broiler was actually a storage drawer. Oh yes, I’m that pathetic. How lovely to find the broiler working just fine and to have to admit my stupidity to my landlord!!!!!

Now add into the mix a broken toilet in the kid’s bathroom. New part to replace a really old disintegrating part, no problem. Two weeks later, the toilet in the master bathroom breaks and sprays water everywhere when you flush. New part. No problem. Moving on…

We are still having issues with termites and centipedes, but no more cockroaches thank goodness. The landlord got the place treated, and the termite guy is supposed to come again since the termites are still here but he hasn’t shown up for several weeks. We learn to be patient in American Samoa!

Next issue: I have been ill ever since we moved in. I remember that as soon as we came here, I started sneezing like crazy then got a really bad cough. I assumed that I was allergic to the termite dust or something. Several of the kids have the same symptoms as well as watery eyes, sore throats, and runny nose. At first I didn’t go to the doctors because they can’t do much when you’re pregnant anyway, but when I had trouble wheezing a little at night, I decided to go in. I thought I might have bronchitis but knew they wouldn’t do an x-ray. I finally went in, but my lungs were clear.

It wasn’t until we found mold in our cupboards that we put two and two together. The smell of those cupboards has been so bad since we got here. We used to put plastic plates and cups down there until they started to taste like the smell. There is a leaky faucet in the kitchen sink, and I guess it’s been like that so long that the mold appeared. There are no professional mold or mildew cleaners on the island, and I can’t do it since I’m pregnant, so good old Michael masked himself and got out the bleach and got scrubbing. He had to remove the wooden divider under the sink because it was molded all the way through. We used to have things get moldy at our other place, but this is worse and I can’t figure out why. My glasses case, camera case, files, scriptures, you name it…moldy.

So all that is in seven weeks. Can you believe it? I told you we were cursed. What I don’t understand is why none of these things happened to the previous tenant who was here for 3 years, or perhaps he just didn’t care…I’m pretty sure that our landlords will be glad to see the back of us when we leave and hopefully there won’t be any more bad luck on their apartment!

I have one more thing to share. Outside in the yard, there are some security lights attached to 20 ft palm trees that come on each night. Today, one of them crashed down. I went over to look and the termites had just eaten through the palm tree and rotted it all away, there were chunks of wood all over the grass. The light fixture was on the end of a heavy metal bar and I know it would have knocked out if not killed Mary or Emma if they had been playing underneath it when it fell. Another huge blessing. The kids had their recess about half an hour before it happened and were playing soccer out there. If the timing had been different I could have had a tragic post to write. What a close call.




  1. How scary that the mold was making you sick!!! I just can’t imagine dealing with all these types of problems. I had to laugh about the broiler though- we had just had a conversation with my Dad and he was saying that the broiler is a drawer under the stove and we were telling him that that is a storage drawer! You must be losing brain cells if you are thinking like he is!!!

  2. Helen, You are such an inspiration of patience and ingenuity! I hope you guys have no more bad luck in the future. I have to admit i was shocked by your pregnancy announcement, but congratulations are definetly in order! My shock was purely out of fear in delivering a baby in what sounds like a very primitive situation, not in the amount of children you have chosen to raise. If anyone has the ability to raise healthy, well rounded and well loved children it is you!! So good luck and I pray for a healthy and safe delivery of another adorable Monson baby

  3. Hang in there, Helen! You will be so grateful for your Kaysville house.

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