Posted by: monsonmadness | September 2, 2012

The truth about cats and dogs

The truth about cats and dogs is that they’re both a pain in the neck. We have had a lot more experiences with them than we would have liked this week, especially for a non-animal loving family. Let me explain….

Last week, four kittens showed up on our doorstep randomly. Hmmmm. No thanks. With a houseful of kids, pets are the last thing we want. We have enough mouths to feed and enough poop to clean up thank you very much. This is also not our own home, and we don’t want animals scratching up furniture that doesn’t belong to us. Is that enough reasons?

Well, for the first few days, we tried to ignore them. Pretty hard to do since they stand at our screen door clawing to get in and miaowing at the top of their voices. It was also frustrating because some of the kids were afraid of them and refused to go outside at recess. May not sound like a big deal to you, but when you’re home all day every day surrounded by little kids, you really look forward to those two 30 minute recesses each day and having a silent house for a short time. Now add to this problem the fact that every time a kid opens the door to go outside, the cats run inside the house, and then we spend a few minutes chasing them around and trying to get them out again. Funny the first time for sure, but after several times… not so funny.

Thankfully my husband is on the same page as me and doesn’t want any pets either, but yesterday when he was home, he felt really bad for those wailing kittens who he was certain were starving to death. I agreed that it would be horrible to wake up and find them dead one morning knowing that they starved because we ignored them, but I was worried that once we fed them, there would be no chance of them ever leaving. We do have a small amount of compassion, so gave the little cats some bowls of milk. They didn’t know what to do at first, it was strange, but after Hannah demonstrated (!!), the cats picked it up and lapped up the milk in no time.

Now what? The kids have already named them…we have Oreo, Spotty, Tigress, and Snickerdoodle. They’re getting too attached I tell you. After all, we’ll only be here until next summer and then who will take care of them?

Ok, on to the dogs. As you know, the dogs here are not nice. We don’t interact with any half as much as we did at the last house, but occasionally we find poop on the grass (Hannah fell playing soccer the other day and landed in a big pile. It smeared all over her body…so gross)

The neighbors across the street have several loud dogs that stay in their fenced property and bark like crazy whenever you drive past. The driveway coming out of our house onto the road is blind, and we don’t have a place to turnaround in our driveway, so Michael started reversing into our driveway to park the car every night so that he could pull out forwards onto the blind road each morning. Whenever he paused the car at our driveway to get ready to back in, the neighbors dogs would go ballistic, and bark their heads off. One day the neighbors told Michael that he wasn’t allowed to do that any more!

This week, they left us a rude note on our garbage can telling us that we weren’t allowed to leave our garbage can out by the road. I don’t think this ever happened, but the note says that if we leave it out, the dogs will knock it over and spill the garbage. Well, we take the garbage can out to the road when it is full and leave it there because they come and collect it three times a week (we just don’t know what days, it’s not consistent), and then we bring it back in. The garbage can was full, so since it was the weekend, we brought it back in to our house to please the complaining neighbors.

Last night we were woken up to dogs going crazy outside in the yard, and sure enough, they tipped over our garbage and went to town. It rained all night, so it is all sopping wet and gross now all over the grass.

Definitely not a fan of cats and dogs.

And lastly, if this counts, it’s been raining cats and dogs for days on end now. Roads are flooded and temperatures are cool (my car thermometer said 72 degrees yesterday, coolest it’s ever been since we moved here, but Michael doesn’t think it was accurate). It sure felt like it though. I had goosebumps and was shivering all day. I even had to wear Michael’s long sleeved t-shirt over my own clothes!

Check out this road that I had to drive through on the way to the store yesterday. It’s insane…and can you picture how wet we get without a car port as we try to get our groceries into the house? The raindrops here are the size of golf balls, you can hardly hear yourself speak when they’re hammering down on the windows. At least this house doesn’t leak like the last one…



  1. That is funny that the neighbors told Michael he’s not allowed to back into the driveway!!! That would be so annoying to deal with the cats and dogs- I get annoyed with just the few in our neighborhood.

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