Posted by: monsonmadness | September 4, 2012

Happy at home school

Home school is hard work. I am still adjusting and trying to get things just right (not sure if that will ever happen). It is lots of fun as well, and there are many, many good moments, but generally, when I think about it, the word that comes to mind first is “hard”.

Sometimes it takes really effort to find the joy amid all the complaining and frustrations. There are however lots of things that make me happy about home school, and since it’s important to try to find the good in everything, here we go…

Each day the older kids rotate taking care of the younger two when we are doing math in the mornings. I absolutely love how well my children interact with each other. Sneaking up on them and eavesdropping while they are teaching each other and learning together is priceless.

It’s cute to see Mary and Emma put their backpacks on at recess and pretend they are going to school…

It’s great to see Hannah teaching Emma about the planets…

…and Daniel sneaking away to read dinosaur books to her secretly…

Field trips to the library are also fun…

And it ain’t half bad spending more time with the kids and getting closer to them. I even get cute notes and pieces of candy like this from a mystery child every once in a while…

See? Hard as it may be, there are so many things to be happy about at home school!


  1. Those are all really good things to be happy about! Love the note from the mystery child! So cute!!! You are raising such awesome kids!

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