Posted by: monsonmadness | September 11, 2012

Weevils and other randoms

Last night we found weevils in our rice. Not really surprised. We have to keep most of our food in the fridge or freezer, or else stored in plastic containers and ziplocs. I figured if we scooped them out, we’d be fine to eat the rice. Waste not want not right? Sure, we’d have thrown it away in the US, but here in American Samoa, you just get used to bugs everywhere, it’s not really a big deal. I even made it educational…the kids helped me, and as we scooped each weevil out of the rice we counted in 2’s or 5’s. We counted more than 30 weevils altogether! Gotta take every opportunity to learn (especially when you cancelled two hours of home school the day before to watch Andy Murray win the US open!)

Anyway, we ate a delicious chicken korma for dinner, and it wasn’t until I was putting this photo on the blog that I read you can get e-coli from eating weevils. Oops. Hope we managed to get them all out first!

This is a common sight in our house at 7.30pm. The kids are in bed, and we turn on the TV and get folding. Well, mostly Michael to tell the truth. All of this is our clean laundry to be folded from the weekend 😦

Check out the geckos hanging around the light to catch the bugs. Michael told me last night that he’s more afraid of geckos than cockroaches and he’d rather hold a cockroach in his hand than a gecko. I couldn’t believe it! Geckos don’t really scare me at all, they just startle me because they’re so fast.

It is so humid here that I wear my hair up about 99% of the time. Hannah is always begging me to straighten her hair, but the thought of getting the hot iron out in these temperatures is horrid, not to mention going to all that effort to have your hair puff out sideways in a matter of minutes anyway…

Well, last Sunday I caved, and we straightened our hair together. She was so happy, and I was shocked to see how much my hair had grown since we moved here. Check out the after and before pictures!!

It took me long enough to get around to it because I was so busy and had two very temperamental sewing machines to try and do the job, but I finally made curtains for the girls room. As you can see in the before picture, the curtains that came with the house were thin and light. This photo was taken during nap time, and it was so hard to get Mary to sleep when the room was so light. I couldn’t take the after photo without the light on in the room because it is pitch black. I sewed black liners on the back of the curtains and so the room is dark and Mary is sleeping well. Hooray!

We are still having problems with finding things covered in mold. On Saturday I went to pick out a dress for Mary to wear for a baptism and look how I found it! So gross. Poor Mary has a very limited choice anyway because I only brought 2 and 3T clothes out here with us and she’s pretty much grown out of them all. She wears mini skirts to church most Sundays. Finding her clothes like this really doesn’t help. We’re looking into getting a dehumidifier but they only really work in closed rooms (other than the bedrooms, our house is one big open room which is why we liked it, it has a nice breeze that comes through) and added to that, electricity is so expensive here that it would cost a fortune to run all day.

Ok, must end on a funny note…here are a couple of things that the girls said lately that I thought were pretty funny:

Emma (pointing to a picture of Jesus) “This man is really handsome”

Mary “Do all girl missionaries have to be ugly?”


  1. EEEWWW!!!! I would not want to dig weevils out of our rice!! Your hair looks great!

    And, I think I’m offended by Mary’s comment!!!!!!!

  2. We have the same dress. Kind of. And, no, some girl missionaries can be stunningly beautiful but have terrible haircuts which led to the mission in the first place.

  3. eeeeewwww to the weavils, Beautiful babes with your hair . . . it has grown a ton; you never cease to amaze me with your wonder woman do it all abilities (Room looks great! I can’t find the time for all me little mending projects, let alone quilts and currtains to match! And finally, =( pretty dress, too bad.

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