Posted by: monsonmadness | September 13, 2012

Buried alive

I think I could guess what each of my family members would choose to be buried in if they had to be buried alive. For Michael, it’s easy…wheat bread. My kids would probably all chose candy. For my Mum…chocolate. For my Dad…beer. For my oldest sister…cake. For my youngest sister…designer shoes.

See, it’s easy right?

My choice is obvious too, although you Americans reading this probably don’t understand because you were not fortunate enough to be raised on such delectable and scrumptious things. Crisps of course. No question. From Woucester sauce french fries to prawn cocktail skips…from bacon frazzles to tomato snaps. British crisps are the best!

These delightful snacks are getting me through my pregnancy cravings thank you very much. I figured that since I can’t have a brown Samoan baby, I might as well have a fat round one right?

Thank you eBay. YUM!


  1. Oh my word, that is hilarious!!! Glad you are able to get them! This American only understands the Hula Hoops and Quavers, all the others…yuck!!!!

  2. Helen, You are a riot! I love to look at your posts, they never fail to make me smile. Thank you!

  3. Re the weevils, it is very off putting to grandparents when the children return home and hold their bread up to the light before eating it. They assume that all bread and flour has weevils which have to be removed. Though if you are desperate weevils provide protein!. That was the experience I had with my children after the Sudan. Lizx

  4. Can you really get crisps sent to you from Ebay Helen? I think mine would also be chocolate! Hope you are keeping well.

  5. Love it! I miss them too. The pictures are fabulous.

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