Posted by: monsonmadness | September 14, 2012

Opinion time – spending and saving

I need some advice (or maybe someone to just confirm my lavish desires…)

Michael and I have been saving up money so that when we return to the states, we can buy a new car. Since there are only three 9 seater cars that we know of, we have been looking at Suburbans, Tahoes, and Yukons. We will probably buy a 2009 or 2010 car depending on how much we can sell our mini van for and how much all of our moving expenses are.

First poll question…if you have an opinion, which of those three vehicles do you like the best?

Ok, moving on to the next question… Let’s say that you have been saving for a new car, but there’s something else that you’re tempted to spend your money on.

Let’s just say that you’ve been on a remote island for a long time and you really want to get off and go to the temple. (Haven’t been since June and won’t be able to go again until next June) Now add to that an invitation for your husband to lecture at a large university, which he has always wanted to do, and which he really wants to put on his resume hoping he can be a law professor some day. Would you do it?

Let’s keep pretending that you were a controlling, selfish wife and you told your husband that there was no way on earth he could do this without you.

Would it make a difference if you knew it was in AUSTRALIA? How totally awesome is that?

So here’s the next poll question. We have the money for this trip in our “car fund”. Would you take this once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Australia if it meant that you had to buy the model from the year before? A 2008 or 2009 model instead of a 2009 or 2010 model? No big deal right?


What would you do?



  1. Helen, we’ve had two Suburbans and also a Tahoe! You would love the space/room in a Suburban – we really missed it when we downsized to a Tahoe (bad move!). As far as GMC Yukon – you pay more for a souped-up verson of Chevy, which personally I wouldn’t. Oh, and have fun on your Australian adventure!!!!!!!! You’d better go :0)

  2. Haha – it’s a no-brainer! Go!!!! (I’ll be there in April for two weeks – my little sis gets married then in Melbourne.)

  3. An earlier model for a trip to Australia? Duh.

  4. As for Australia- I echo Cynthia by saying DUH!!!!! Cars are more reliable than ever and a 2008 is not old, so go for it! Now I have to admit to feeling jealous again!!!!!!
    I was going to tell you that Aimee has had Suburbans but I see she beat me to it! You would want the space it offers in the back for strollers and all the stuff you need with the kids. My friend has a Tahoe, and she likes it, but she only has two kids and can put the back seats down if they need to put luggage or a stroller in it.
    I’m excited for you that you get to go to Australia!!

  5. Have you looked into something like the Ford Econovan? A family in our ward with 6 kids has one and they love it. If you are going to have more kids it might be worth it.

  6. Wow decisions, decisions… I would live to vote on the cars but I have no idea what each of them are. Lol. Australia I do know very well. I am guessing if you went, the whole family would go as well. I have lived on an island, I know what it is like.
    Australia is an expensive place with the exchange rate at the moment but you are closer than you would be in the US. If you were going to a big city then I would think about it as one city is similar to another. I would also look at costs when you get there.
    Hard choice!
    A car is important as it might be your transport for other vacations.
    Good luck.

  7. You are thinking of moving on. That reminded me that other Shell families said that when their children returned home they were amazed by the seasons. They were not accustomed to such changes in the weather at different times of the year. Children develope some strange ideas of what is the norm- Australia would be another challenge, but I am sure they would take it in their stride- could you?
    Good Luck with your decision, Love Lizx

  8. in thinking about a large vehicle, I want to suggest a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV). The gas is currently $1.48/gal. And they just put a station here in Kaysville! If you get bi-fuel, you can switch between regular gas and the natural, in case you go someplace where they have no stations (like out of state). It can be a money saver, but it does take cargo space for the tank. A 12 or 15 passenger van may be easiest to find with NGV. Good luck shopping! And have fun in Austrailia! =)

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