Posted by: monsonmadness | September 16, 2012

We’re in the local newspaper again!

Guess there’s only so many people on this island that the longer you live here, the more often you get featured! This is our third time in the newspaper!

On Tuesday we took a home school field trip to the brand new (and mainland quality) Ocean Center here in American Samoa. Sure it’s only two rooms in total, but it was absolutely FANTASTIC. There were amazing displays and the kids spent time learning about ocean awareness, good marine stewardship, coral reef ecosystems and much more.

We got to watch an amazing show which was projected onto a globe called SOS (Science on a sphere). It was brilliant. The kids were glued, and as we were shown movies about outer space, climate change, global warming and weather patterns, I couldn’t help but feel proud as my kids said things like:

“Mamma…this is just so cool isn’t it?”

“It’s beautiful”

“Look Mom, the constellations!”

“Mom, look! The climate zones, we just learned that”

It also helped that they broke up the educational stuff with a bit of fun. We watched Nemo swimming around in the ocean, could see where American Samoa was on the globe, and all the flights paths all over the world in real time. They also turned the globe into an eyeball, a basketball, and even the death star from star wars (had to google the name for that one, SO not a star wars fan!)

To top it all off, the whole thing was free and so I felt great about letting the kids choose a pencil and a slap band from the gift shop. What an awesome educational field trip for a grand total of $7.50

Here are some of our photos below and a link to the newspaper article.

Click here to read about it in the Samoa News.


  1. Fun trip! We saw one of those spheres at the Denver Children’s Science Museum and we loved it. We sat there for almost an hour watching all the different things projected on it. It’s nice that you were able to do something different!

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