Posted by: monsonmadness | September 21, 2012

Bits and bobs

* Do you remember the beautiful parrot fish? Well, we ate it on Friday night and it was delicious! Our friends are going to make fish stew with the bones and skull, and then give the beak to our kids to save!!!! Yum.

* I’ve also been busy toilet training Emma. I did not feel motivated and it was harder than the other kids, but it’s done, hooray. Can’t believe she’s a little girl now. No more details because I wrote such a detailed post about it with Mary. If you want to read, this is when I did Mary last year.

* Last Saturday we had our first barbecue. Yes, we did indeed set up charcoals inside the gas grill. Long story. Anyway, it was a surprise for me, and the kids were so sweet to get everything that I liked, and then they collected beautiful flowers and shells to decorate my place at the table. They are so thoughtful. Finished it off with s’mores. Seriously can’t believe that Michael was able to find all the ingredients for that, although he had to admit making s’mores with mini marshmallows on a grill isn’t the easiest task ever!

* Lastly, do you remember this post from last week where I asked your opinion on what car we should buy and whether or not we should spend our money on a trip to Australia? I was really grateful for the feedback, especially about the car. Looks like a Suburban is the best option for our family, but a 12 or 15 passenger van was also suggested so we’ll need to look into that too!

As for the other poll…serves me right! Yes, I did write it as kind of a joke and I obviously put a huge lean onto it, but 10% of my “friends” think I am selfish and shouldn’t go to Australia with Michael. Ouch! The truth hurts!

I think some people were also confused because they thought he had a job offer and that we might be moving there, or that we were taking the whole family. Here’s the scoop: Michael has been invited to speak at the University of Adelaide, and I’d like to go with him! I won’t be able to fly after December, so we would be going in November. Can’t afford to take the kids.

Michael is actually going to San Diego for a week next week for work, and I was tempted to tag along there instead, but he’ll be busy the whole time, and it is a lot more expensive to fly to San Diego than it is to fly to Australia, so it was a no-brainer. The amount that we will spend on flights to Australia from here will mean buying a 2008 model car instead of a 2009 model car or something similar. When we put it in those terms, to us, it was an easy decision.

We plan on flying into Sydney for a couple of days, and then on to Adelaide. We’re pretty excited about it, and we’ll get to go to the temple in both cities. Now just to find some willing souls to help with the kids…


  1. Mmmm…now I want steak!!!! And are you really saying the fish was good????

    • Yes, it was. It is a white meat fish, and my friend cooked it in seasoned breadcrumbs and deep fried! Everything tastes good when it’s deep fried!!!

  2. Can’t believe Emma’s potty trained!!! Yea! I was noticing her little pigtails; she is getting big. =) What a cool fish! Can’t believe it’s such a beautiful blue.

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